The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE) was born in the Congress of Communist Unity in 1984, as a product of the will of unity of various Marxist-Leninist organizations confronted with revisionism and opportunism, paving the way to put an end to the times of dispersion of the communist movement in Spain and recovering its best and most heroic traditions.

The PCPE is a Marxist- Leninist organization which bases its political practice on the principles of scientific socialism. Consequently, the PCPE aspires to lead the struggle of the working class for the seizure of political power, the destruction of the old bourgeois state and the construction of the Socialist Republic in Spain. To this end, after its 9th Congress held in 2010, the PCPE puts its efforts in building the Workers’ and People’s Front for Socialism as the alliance policy for revolution in Spain with the leading role of the working class along with other popular sectors , such as students , smallholders, poor peasants and so on. As the central subject of this Workers’ and People’s Front for Socialism, the PCPE promotes the creation of Committees for the Workers’ Unity (CUO ), unitary structure that, working from the base, brings together the most advanced elements of the working class regardless of their union membership or sector, in order to articulate a class-oriented labour movement and put an end, at the same time, to the current dispersion and sectarianism in the Spanish trade union movement.

The history of PCPE is inextricably linked with the struggle against opportunism in its various manifestations. For the PCPE it is an indispensable principle the relentless denunciation of revisionism, whose Euro-communist expression meant in practice the political and ideological liquidation in Spain of the Communist Party and the claudication of the labour movement to the theses of reconciliation between the exploiters and the exploited. Similarly, the PCPE has held high the banner of proletarian internationalism, actively fighting for class solidarity among all workers and promoting the unity and strengthening of the International Communist Movement on a truly revolutionary basis.