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First statement of the executive committee of the pcpe on the result of the elections on may 25th

The Executive Committee of PCPE, in face of the results of the European Elections of May 25, 2014, DECLARES:


  • ·         The overall results of these elections in Europe reveal disturbing trends which express that the capitalist crisis is leading to the rise of extreme right-wing, racist and xenophobic political organizations. The role played by the EU in the recent events in Ukraine is consistent with this trend. In general, the elections are won by the more conservative expressions of the interests of European imperialism, displacing the Social-democracy from the management of political representation in this situation. This has a direct relationship with the ideological disarmament of the working class, the influence of opportunism among its ranks and the lack of a clear and strong expression of the International Communist Movement.
  • ·         In Spain, the results of this process of election of the political representation show the impact of the institutional crisis affecting various state apparatuses: the party syste, corruption, territorial unity, the autonomic system, etc. Therefore, for the first time in the last thirty-five years, the PP-PSOE block loses electoral representation in a clear way (more than five million votes).
  • ·         With these predictable changes in the electoral outcome, the system continues validating itself through a variety of political forces, some of them recently created, none of which questions the system of capitalist domination, nor does it address the issue of EU in the frame of the struggle against imperialism. So, with a variety of stratagems, the  bourgeois-democratic system is useful for the ruling classes, leading to dry dock the votes that try to express popular discontent in the current capitalist crisis situation that violently punishes the working class and other popular strata. Neither United Left nor Podemos, nor any of the other forces have the ability nor the will to snatch the hegemony of the current ruling class in favour of the working class. Ultimately, the system is legitimized by the current electoral process.
  • ·         The institutional crisis is particularly clearly expressed in the results of nationalist-independentist sectors who, in this situation of weak central state apparatus, get very high electoral support in the Basque Country, Navarre and Catalonia, which give them a more favourable position for their political principles.
  • ·         The PCPE, despite almost doubling our vote, still obtains limited results which express specific progress, achieved due to revolutionary persistence and militant work. The votes achieved are a new base to continue the strategic goal of raising the workers' struggle for workers' power and socialism and mark our mass-oriented struggle line of work.
  • ·         The inexorable capitalist crisis will continue after these elections, the working class needs to organize their struggle for the Workers' and People's Front for Socialism, in order to create the political conditions and the correlation of forces needed to enable the class to address a higher stage of development of the class struggle in Spain, to advance their own political agenda, to advance in the internal unity of the class and its revolutionary articulation for Workers' Power and Socialism, together with its Communist Party.


Madrid, May 27th, 2014

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