Sunday, 05 December 2010 01:00

Contribution from PCPE to the 12th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties

Johannesburgh, South Africa, December 3-5 2010


Greetings comrades,

First of all I would like to apologize for my absence yesterday. As many of you know, I was not here because I was member of the delegation that we decided to send to the 25th anniversary festival of COSATU.

Once again it is a great event to be gathered the representatives of the Communist and Workers' Parties from dozens of countries from the five continents, this time thanks to the hospitality and work of the South African CP.

The focus of our debate is the one that can take us forward together to overcome our class enemy, the enemy of the working class and its allies, capitalism.

I do not want to dwell on the analysis of the systemic crisis of capitalism as all of you have been able to read the views of PCPE in this regard. It was published in number 1 of the new International Communist Review. Today our party is discussing, in our 9 the Congress, the strategy of the Spanish communists in face of the capitalist crisis.

Our Party agrees with the views of many other Communist parties in the world, ones published in the International Communist Review and others published in documents of the revolutionary organizations. (By the way, if any comrade wants one, I still have some ICR reviews of the Spanish edition made by PCPE).

Without a revolutionary process it will be impossible to end the exploitation of man by man, which is the motor center of capitalism.

In order to promote the revolutionary change, accepting the nuances that we have between us, we can only move forward if in every country the working class and its allies become the leading vanguard.

The workers' struggles developed since the last meeting of Communist Parties in India, are referred to the 13 general strikes in Greece, 7 in France, many other countries in Europe and other continents, the general strike of just one day Spain.

In all of them the working class has been called by the class trade unions to fight against capitalism. The World Federation of Trade Unions and its members have been able to demonstrate that only the working class can cope successfully with capitalist barbarity. The letter that we have all received here from George Mavrikos, Secretary General of the WFTU, gives more information than the one I can give here. The 16th Congress of the WFTU, to be held in April in Athens,, will for sure mean a step forward in the line of strenghtening the class tradeunionism. The PCPE supports the three requests made by the Secretary General of the WFTU in his letter to all those present here.

As stated in the title of the topic under discussion these days in Johannesburg, the working class must know how to be allied with other sectors of society in every state and territory. Historically, it has always been this way when the revolutionary processes have won.

In Spain we move forward in the alliance of anti-imperialist and anti-monopoly organizations. It is increasingly clear to the Spanish working class the role of social democracy and its allies (some call themselves the left, but are yielded to the decisions of big business).

Actually this happens in every country in the world. I only wish to refer to the shameful capitulation of the social agreement tradeunionism, supported by the European Parliament and the world bourgeoisie. Remember the Congress of the International Trade Union Confederation held in Canada last June. There the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization had a seat and could address to the delegates. (I have a document here, which I have already given to many of you, in which this attitude of of class collaboration practised by the ITUC is better explained).

The communists have to expose the false union leaders, those who, while claiming to defend the interests of employees, actually are accepting capitulations imposed by those who finance them. This is the case of CCOO and UGT in Spain. Thus in Spain the PCPE is working to recover class unionism by uniting all those who struggle against capitalism.

The great European and global battle against imperialism, has scored important successes, as were the demonstrations in Spain of millions of people who forced the Social Democratic government to withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq. The same in other countries, also in Latin America defeating imperialist maneuvers, most recently in Ecuador last September. Or the closest major NATO action in Lisbon on 20 November.

The Communists must know how to lead the great revolutionary mass organizations and coordinate their activities and fight the enemy of humanity, against capitalism.

Comrades, the PCPE is always ready to help advance the alliances that will help end the exploitation of man by man. So in the coming months we will promote activities that lead to the weakening of the bourgeoisie in our country, unmasking the role of ally that is being played by the Social Democrats and their allies.

In particular we hope that the World Festival of the Youth and Students, which takes place within a few days here in South Africa, and the 16th Congress of the WFTU, to be held in Athens from 6 to 10 April next year, will make a new stage in the struggle to decisively defeat capitalism.

We also hope that meetings like the one we're will carry out agreements for joint action of the communists, following the experience already developed in Europe in relation to the EU (21 Communist Parties participated) and in other parts of the world.  Surely the International Communist Review, with the issues tha will be edited, will be a good tool for exchanging arguments between communists in order to strengthen our global ideological struggle.

Thank you for your attention.

Quim Boix


South Africa, 5 December 2010