Thursday, 01 November 2012 01:00

Contribution from PCPE to the 14th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties

Beirut, Lebanon, 22-25 November 2012

Dear comrades,


We would like to salute the celebration of this of this 14th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties, most particularly thanking the Lebanese Communist Party for its organization. At the same time, we would like to convey a struggling  greeting to all peoples struggling against the imperialist aggressions unleashed in this region, especially to Palestinian and Syrian brothers.

The PCPE participates in this International Meeting with the firm will to deepen the  multilateral relations between the communist and workers' parties. All the capabilities of the PCPE will be devoted to the goal that the debates in these days result in concrete measures for the communist international coordination which will allow the strengthening of the struggles in all parts of the world against imperialist plans.

In the case of Spai, since the outbreak of the capitalist crisis we are witnessing a wild wave of attacks against the rights of the working class and popular sectors: to the various labour reforms aimed at lowering the price of the workforce we have to add the  delay on the retirement age, the open privatization of public services as health and education and a colossal destruction of productive forces that has led to a situation in which the number of unemployed people in Spain is around 6 million (25.02%).

Today in Spain there are almost two million households with all members unemployed and a part of them subsist thanks to a social assistance which is also threatened by the plans of the IMF, the European Commission and the European Central Bank, in coordination with the government. Hundreds of thousands of families in unemployment already lack any kind subsidy.

The measures to be taken at the time that the government of Mariano Rajoy asks for bailout to those institutions will be much more brutal and aggressive and will place the working class of our country in a position of great weakness. That's why struggles have increased in intensity and strength in the last period. Strikes, protests, demonstrations, multiply and, at the same time, the bourgeois state repression against the most struggling political or union organizations increases. The use of provocative elements in the demonstrations, arrests and brutal police charges are repeated more insistently and try to criminalize social protest and out to the masses of the mobilization. As  Lenin said, imperialism tends to the reaction in all fields, and now we are seeing how this is embodied in new legal measures directed specifically against the workers' parties and organizations who stand against the measures of the governments of the oligarchy.

Capitalist barbarism is becoming increasingly more visible and evident for large sections of the working people who see their neighbours lose their housing, the social benefits and their own life as the government responds with brutality against those who mobilize and fight. The PCPE openly states that this structural crisis is proving what the communists have always defended, which is nothing else but the fact that the only viable alternative for the social majority is the overthrow of bourgeois power, the seizure of power by the working class and the construction of socialism and communism.

In this sense, the objective conditions for the construction of socialism are ready in our country. The sharpening of the contradictions between the development of productive forces and production relations is extreme. But still the subjective conditions are not mature, the working class still needs to develop its consciousness, the Communist Party is still weak and bourgeois and petty bourgeois ideological principles still prevail in our class, advocated by reformist organizations that do not aspire to socialist construction, but to the mere management of capitalism in a more "human" or "social" way, as if that were possible.

Capitalism is showing its limits with this crisis and capitalists are not willing to make concessions to the working class. The alternative is therefore situated between them and us, between capitalists and workers, and there is no room anymore for middle positions of managing the capitalist system, nor for deceiving the working class in the name of supposed "progressive" governments which continue applying measures that favour large monopolies and condemn to misery the working people. Now is the time to strengthen the revolutionary struggle of our class, to openly say that the only solution involves building a socialist society, with a planned economy, with workers' control of production and the means of production, and only that way the needs of all members of society, and not just a few, can be satisfied. Capitalism, as long as it survives, will only  offer more exploitation and misery to the working class.

Our struggle should focus on raising the level of consciousness of the working masses, on strengthening class organization, its autonomy from the class enemy, and this requires us to speak to the class directly, without subterfuges or hiding our strategic goal. We should be tactical enough in the field of alliances to know at all times to the position that further strengthens the working class and situates it closer to the strategic objective, but without falling into a tacticism that confuses the masses, that places them closer to embrace the positions of class conciliation, of the social pact, and not socialism.

From our perspective, there are several lines which are essential for the strengthening of the struggles.

First, it is essential to strengthen the Communist Party as the political and ideological vanguard of the working class. The Communist Parties, guided by Marxism-Leninism and not subordinated to the positions of other social classes, ensure the victory of the working class.

Second, the dispute over the ideological hegemony within the labour movement against the conciliatory positions that alienate the class from the revolutionary struggle and pretend to convince the class that reforms can be taken from capitalists.

Third, it is necessary to quickly develop the highest degree of workers' unity starting from the work place, regaining as the center stage of mobilization and organization the place where the principal contradiction that exists under capitalism, the contradiction between capital and labour, manifests directly .

Fourth, it is necessary to seek the necessary alliances with other social sectors who are objectively interested in putting an end to the power of monopolies, such as smallholders facing the proletarianization or the peasants.

Fifth, we must redouble our struggle against all the structures created by imperialism to chain and oppress the people, as the European Union itself or NATO, from which we have to promote the unilateral disengagement of each of our countries, without naively waiting for them to decide their dissolution or to adopt and impossiblesocial orientation.

Finally, we must find a way to ensure serious and stable coordination  spaces between Communist and Workers' Parties. Only a closer union between the communist and workers parties will respond effectively to the attacks of the oligarchy, coordinated internationally, but for this it is absolutely necessary to abandon once and for all the  rhetoric and reluctance, to proceed to the international communist movement's ideological unification under Marxism-Leninism and banish from our midst all those positions that deny the socialist construction and only wish to get a share of power in the management of the interests of the oligarchy.

Comrades, we are well aware that these tasks are difficult and it is not enough just to express them, so we clearly state our absolute willingness to work on them from this moment with all those parties willing. We can not wait or delay further the development of our international coordination while the working class is the victim of the most brutal attacks in the last 30 years and capitalism is entering a new phase of more authoritarian and criminal violence.


Long live proletarian internationalism!

Thank you very much.