Monday, 30 September 2013 02:00

Contribution from PCPE to the European Communist Meeting. Brussels, september 30, 2013

The role of the communist and workers’ parties of Europe in order to strengthen the struggle of the working class and popular strata against the EU and the strategy of capital, for the pro-people way out from the capitalist crisis, the overthrow of capitalism, socialism.


Dear Comrades,

firstly I would like to thank the KKE for organizing this new European Meeting. It is another step in the strengthening of the necessary Communist coordination in our continent. All spaces in which the debate and the exchange of positions between fraternal parties is possible is very positive from the point of view of PCPE,  just like the development of joint actions of struggle.

In our opinion, the struggle against the European Union must occupy an essential space in the agenda of the European communist and workers' parties, not only of those parties in countries which are member-states of the European Union, but of those parties from the countries that can be member-states in the future or who maintain close economic and political ties with the EU.

At the same time we can not forge the struggle against other instruments of imperialist domination  such as NATO, true armed wing of Western imperialism whose attacks and aggressions seek to pave the way for the control of the areas of influence and natural resources which are increasingly disputed.

We believe that nowadays it is critical to link the discourse of struggle of communist parties to the struggle against the inter-state imperialist alliance which is the European Union, since the measures suffered by the working class and popular sectors of our countries have the same orientation and obey to the same strategy of European monopoly capital, which uses the EU as a tool to position itself in the best possible way in the scenario of deep crisis of capitalism.

For the PCPE, the vanguard organizations must maintain a firm and clear position against the attacks of the class enemy and its governments. We must work to organize the workers' struggles,  raising their horizon and placing in the agenda the aim of workers' power and socialism - communism as an unavoidable strategic goal. We must be able to move forward in building the unity of the working class in the workplaces for the economic struggle under class-oriente criteria and leadership while striving to achieve that our Party is present and organized in every workplace and in each working-class neighbourhood.

The struggles that the working class and popular sectors develop in our countries have varying degrees of intensity, and there are different levels of political leadership of the Communists in them. When there is no communist political leadership it is easy to see where the struggles lead: they end up with a defeat and no substantial progress in the mids of the workers has been achieved. They end up being defeated and in a dead-end.

When there is no communist political leadership of the labour and people's movement, the discourse on the EU disappears. When there are no communists leading a movement, it is monopolized by the opportunists, and opportunists will not talk about the European Union because they defend the European Union, because they only speak about reforming those elements that, in their opinion, today make the EU policies become anti-worker and anti-people policies. They believe that there may be EU policies that are pro-worker and pro-people, when there is not a single evidence to prove this point until now.


Comrades, how could we not argue against that position? How could we not face those who say that the European Union should take an active role in the conflict that takes place in Syria now? Maybe there are not enough data already to justify our saying that the EU is an inter-state imperialist alliance? Are we willing to continue maintaining an absolutely idealistic stance such as  the possibility of reforming a creation of monopoly capital for its own benefit?

We have ample evidence that a solution in favour of the workers' and people's majority within the EU, with the EU structures, with the EU policies, is not possible. When some parties from our movement have participated in national or regional governments they have not been and are not able to develop policies essentially different from those developed by the bourgeois parties. This is because they only manage capitalism without questioning it. Whatever country we speak about, the result is finally the same: the working class loses vital years for the development of a revolutionary consciousness that glimpses the only way out which is really in its favour: the beginning of a radically different path of development, a socialist path of development.

The bourgeois ideological domination, whose commitment to the European Union is indisputable,  still maintains broad working and popular sectors in confusion. The material and objective reality proves on a daily basis that the European Union is of no benefit to workers, nor smallholders and peasants. The EU mainly benefits the monopolies, and monopolies need to bleed the working class and to make smallholders disappear in order to increase their profit rate.

Under these conditions, how is it possible that there are communists who continue to insist that the EU can be pro-people and pro-workers? How can they lie and cheat in such a manner? For what purpose?

Comrades, the opportunist positions aim to bring the working class into the swamp. They pretend to trap again the working class in class collaboration, and we know well where that has led. Let us work against that. Let us struggle to free the working class, not to enslave the working class even more.

Thank you very much .