Monday, 02 June 2014 02:00

Announcement from PCPE and CJC on the abdication of the king

No to a second transition!

Workers' power and socialist republic!


The institutional crisis affecting the capitalist system in Spain has put the ruling classes in face of the need to take the initiative of making changes to the structure of the bourgeois state in order to try to contain the destabilizing effects of the crisis and to drive the situation to a new stability so the exploitation of the working class and popular sectors can continue.

The abdication of the King is nothing but an attempt to change something so that everything remains the same. The workers' struggle has to prevent this!


It is intended to articulate a Second Transition that, just like the first one, would create a new framework of domination in which the ruling class guarantees its privileged position, its parasitic wealth accumulation and the impoverishment of the working class and popular sectors.

What threatens the stability of the ruling classes is the struggle of themos determined working class. Thus the workers' struggle, more determined in this moment, will open the way to a first step in the accumulation of forces to advance towards the Workers' Power and the Socialist Republic of Confederal character, which would also address the free exercise of the right of self-determination.


Organizing the workers and popular masses, on the offensive, in a Workers' and People's Front for Socialism is the way to build a broad alliance of the working class and other sections of the people. This is the proposal of PCPE and CJC to the working class and the peoples and nations of Spain.


The PCPE and CJC call their members and supporters to participate in all demonstrations taking place throughout the day.




Madrid, June 2nd, 2014