Saturday, 03 May 2014 02:00

The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain will participate in the European elections with its own list to denounce the presence of Spain in the EU and the Euro.

The Central Committee of the PCPE recently approved the party's participation in European elections next May 25 and the electoral list headed by Carmelo Suárez, Secretary General of PCPE and Marina Quintillán, Executive Committee member and head of the Labour and Trade Union  Movement of the Central Committee.

The PCPE participates in these European elections in order to denounce the disastrous consequences for the working class and popular sectors of our country due to the participation in the imperialist alliance of states that is the European Union.

The presence of PCPE in this election will be directed to continue the work done in recent months with the political campaign “For the way out of the the EU, the Euro and NATO”, using every possible space to spread the need to organize the struggle against these tools that exist solely for the benefit of big capital.

The inability of capitalism to solve the problems of society is evident. The workers and small traders or small farmers are suffering the harshest consequences of the capitalist crisis. While unemployment and the continued loss of democratic, social and trade union rights are tormenting the social majority of the country, the European institutions, in partnership with successive Spanish governments, legislate and act on behalf of major employers and the bankers for the benefit of monopoly capital.

In this situation it is necessary to be as clear as possible. The European Union is not reformable for the benefit of the working class and popular sectors, it is not enough to give more power to the European Parliament or change the structure of the European Central Bank. A full and complete alternative to capitalism is necessary. The nature and laws of development of capitalism imply the exploitation of workers. Capitalism needs the misery of the working class for its own survival and raising a less agressive capitalism does not help to avoid that. The only alternative is to propose an economic and social model that puts an end to capitalist exploitation : socialism – communism.

The firm and clear commitment of PCPE for the way out of Spain of the European Union and the Euro is necessarily framed in these coordinates. The PCPE does not propose to go back to the  peseta nor a capitalist Spain outside the EU, the PCPE proposes the goal of the construction of a Socialist Republic that relates to the other peoples of Europe and the world under the principles of peace, solidarity, cooperation and mutual benefit, not through looting, plundering and exploitation. Therefore, the programme of PCPE does not makes promises, but it articulates the major axes around which have to be gathered the various partial struggles that express today the disatisfaction of the working class and popular sectors with the capitalist system.

This programme for struggle is accompanied by a list for struggle. The members of the electoral list of PCPE are revolutionary militants, people who, by being included in the list, are committed to bring the communist proposal to the workplaces, neighborhoods and towns, with the goal of advancing in the organization of the popular response to the constant attacks of capitalist institutions .

The PCPE will not be alone in this election . The other 28 organizations and parties that are part of the Communist European Initiative will take advantage of this campaign to achieve the same objectives with a clearly class-oriented approach, for struggle and with revolutionary orientation.

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