Tuesday, 11 November 2014 01:00

PCPE in Rome for the 97th anniversary of the October Revolution

On November 8th, the Communist Party of Italy organized an event in commemoration of the 97th anniversary of the October Revolution in Rome. PCPE was present in this event, represented by comrade Ester Cubero, member of the International Area, who read the following speech:



Dear Comrades,


on behalf of all the members of the PCPE, we convey the most fraternal greetings to all comrades and friends of the Communist Party of Italy who are present in this event.


We deeply appreciate that you have invited us to participate with you in this activity commemorating the Great October Socialist Revolution, the first successful proletarian revolution, from whose experience we continue extracting important lessons and teachings today.


97 years have passed since the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, stormed the Winter Palace and put in place the power of the Soviets and the beginning of socialist construction in Russia. The historical importance of this heroic revolution and the subsequent socialist construction should not be used only for remembrance and homage, but must be claimed today with all its timeliness and importance.


The triumph of the Great October Socialist Revolution proved that the working class, organized within the Communist Party, the Leninist party of the new type, is able to seize power, is able to become master of its own destiny.


The triumph of the Great October Socialist Revolution abolished the private ownership of the basic means of production, broke the economic base that sustained the capitalist regime and swept the remnants of feudalism, while destroying the bourgeois state and building a socialist state.



The triumph of the Great October Socialist Revolution proved to social-democrats and opportunists that the revolutionary positions triumphed despite all attacks suffered and despite all the hesitations that these forces inoculated to the working class.


The subsequent socialist construction in the Soviet Union proved to mankind that the rights and the most basic needs of people could be met largely without recourse to the mechanisms that were typical of capitalist exploitation.


Today we are fighting to mantain the rights achieved over many years of struggle of the working class and popular sectors, such as free education, health and essential public services under quality conditions. The capitalists, through the policies privatization of the various governments, they want to increase their profits with these services. We may recall that these rights were fully respected in the Soviet Union.


Today we fight for stable jobs with rights, while the governments of the bourgeoisie are determined to impose ever more precarious work and lowe salaries. They want us to work longer hours for less money. We may recall that in the USSR the job was secured, and housing, and social services, and many other achievements that capitalists want to erase from the memory of mankind.




Today we also fight against the imperialist war, against the arms race and the policies of intervention and plunder against the peoples. We aspire, just like the Soviet Union and the whole socialist block did, to the world peace on the basis of social justice, of a world without the exploitation of man by man.


Comrades, friends, events like these are needed more than ever, they are essential because they enable the new generations of workers to understand that capitalist propaganda is a lie, that our living and working conditions can indeed be improved if we seize the sky by assault, if we organize under the banner of the only organization capable of bringing the whole of the working class and popular sectors to victory: the Communist Party.


Long live the Great October Socialist Revolution!


Long live the fraternity between the Communist Party of Italy and the PCPE!


Everything for the working class!