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Thursday, 13 November 2014 01:00

Commemoration of the October Revolution in Istanbul

PCPE participated on November 9th in the event of commemoration of the 97th anniversary of the October Revolution, organized in Istanbul by the Communist Party (KP) of Turkey. Comrade Ástor García, head of the International Area of the PCPE, addressed the audience with the following greeting message.



Dear Comrades, dear friends,


It is a pleasure to be with you all at this event organized by our fraternal party, the Communist Party, to honor the 97th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution and to assert its relevance today, when the working class and the peoples of the world are facing a deep capitalist crisis.


Today, we are witnessing howthe bourgeois governments systematically attack the hard-won rights of the working class of our countries, on behalf of the profit of big monopolies. The ruling classes, frightened in the twentieth century by the existence of the Soviet Union and a large number of socialist countries, accepted to offer the working class of the capitalist countries a set of rights and social gains which they have always wanted to remove. Today, capitalists are only interested in the workers as cheap labour force, with no rights, no matter their labour conditions or their safety, as we have witnessed in the cases of the miners in Soma and Karaman.



In our time, after the restoration of capitalism in the former socialist countries, we see how our rights are being dismantled through increased working hours, salary reductions, delayed retirement age, degradation of public services wherever they still exist and their subsequent privatization for the enrichment of the capitalist friends of bourgeois governments.


In this situation of constant attacks, in this real war that capitalists have declared against the working class and the working people since the triumph of the counterrevolution in the socialist camp and, in an accelerated manner, after the outbreak of the current capitalist crisis, capitalists use every tool at their disposal to keep the people quiet, to avoid their response in a revolutionary direction.


One of the tools used by the class enemy are the reactionary ideologies, the recourse to religion, nationalism, xenophobia and racism, all ideologies that prevent the working class from recognizing their class interests, that hinder the unity of the working class and put the workers under someone else's banners, under someone else's interests.


In the current phase of capitalist development, the bourgeoisie has nothing to offer to the working class except more exploitation and misery. The progressive role that the bourgeoisie once had, a bourgeoisie who overthrew the ancient regime and established capitalism, is now exhausted.


The male and female workers produce everything, generate all the wealth in our countries. Through our work, we are able to meet the needs of the entire population. But the bourgeoisie, the capitalists and the governments that serve them stand in our way, prevent social production to reach all members society. They impose their rules and anarchy in production, thereby allowing millions of people to starve in our countries and throughout the world.

Capitalism and capitalists have become an obstacle for Humanity, and therefore the working class must conquer political power and build socialism.


But, in order to achieve this, it is not enough that our goal is clear. We have to work every day in the workplaces, in the study centers and in popular neighborhoods to win specific battles, battles that allow the working class and the whole working people to be aware that they can win, that victories are possible, and that we have the power to change the current state of affairs.


PCPE is committed to this arduous task, struggling daily with the working class without losing the horizon of socialism, just like our Turkish brothers from the Communist Party. Because only socialism can guarantee the meeting of the needs of all mankind.


Long live the Great October Socialist Revolution!


Long live the fraternity between the Communist Party and the PCPE!


Long Live proletarian internationalism!