Tuesday, 18 November 2014 01:00

Contribution from PCPE to the 16th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties

Last weekend, the Secretary General of PCPE, Carmelo Suárez, participated in Guayaquil (Ecuador) in the 16th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties and he presented the following contribution:



Contribution of PCPE to the 16th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties


Guayaquil, November 2014


Dear Comrades of the Communist Party of Ecuador.


Dear Comrades from the delegations:


The PCPE salutes the work of the CP of Ecuador in organizing the 16th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Party.


For the communists in Spain it is always a pleasure to be in a fraternal country such as Ecuador, by the deep ties between our countries, language, culture and common history, coming together on this occasion to the fraternity and camaraderie that specifically bind us with the Communist and Workers' parties of America.


During this 16th edition of the IMCWP, we discuss on the role that our parties should play in the struggle against capitalist exploitation and for Socialism. The PCPE is a strong supporter of the discussion and exchange of ideas among fraternal parties, as we believe that the keys to recover the momentum and the vanguard nature worldwide of the International Communist will come from these kind of comradely debates.


We advocate here for the discussion and exchange of ideas because we give great importance to this forum, because we want this forum to be useful in the way that everyone's experiences enrich each other and the whole Communist and Workers' Parties of the world. We always come prepared to listen and be heard. We always come prepared to discuss our experience and the experiences of others. We are willing to advance in the coordination of our parties on those points on which there is an agreement.


The PCPE thinks these basic ideas are shared by the other parties present. At the same time we believe that all parties present are aware that there are elements on which it is not possible to reach an agreement today. We know and study the political statements, the articles in the press, the contributions to other international events, from many of the parties in this IMCWP, and we think there are issues that generate controversy today in our movement.

This does not worry us. We are not worried by the fact that, at this moment, there are various views in the development of new phenomena in the development of the class struggle. The times are very dynamic and we come from very difficult situations. We are not worried if those different views require planning discussions over several years. None of that worries us because the solution to these debates is not going to be found only in the debate, the class struggle itself will end up giving or taking away reasons.


But we are very worried indeed about the fact that, despite our insistence on offering the possibility of deeper discussions, despite our words and attitude, some are bent to review our Party as dogmatic, as sectarian or leftist. Such comments we have read, we have heard and we have challenged several times in recent years, and we deeply regret that none of those who have shed them have wanted to discuss, even informally, about the differences of opinion that we have, despite the offers that PCPE has repeatedly made.


We participate in this forum to raise our thoughts and our concerns with frankness and comradeship, and the utmost respect to all those who fight for the cause of socialism, with whom we have always believed that we share the most important trench of all: the trench of the comrades, the trench of the Communists.


We think the International Communist Movement has taken many steps in the right direction since the mid-90s of last century. We retrieved international forums, we have created new ones at the regional or sectoral level and there are bases for the development of new cooperation mechanisms. This certainly helps the fight of all and is a heritage that we should never spoil.


We think that the struggle of the working class in each country and with it, the struggle of the international working class against capitalism, progresses faster if there is ideological unity in the international communist movement. We still have a long way to go to achieve this ideological unity in a real way, leaving behind the rhetoric and declarations without content.


We think that one of the main obstacles to the development of our movement at this time is not recognizing our own difficulties. This obstacle sometimes manifests itself in the will to impose unilateral visions on the phenomena we face.


We believe the strength of our movement is achieved by full class independence, having clear that, in defending the rights of the working class, other classes can not be more than circumstantial allies at specific times and, in order to advance to the Socialist Revolution, other classes may be allies, but in any case under the hegemony of the working class.


We think that, while we have an eye on Socialism, we can not leave the concrete and partial struggles of our class and other working people, and that each time we need to weigh well the existing balance of forces, who are potential allies, what are those potential allies and what we want do we want these potential allies for.


We think that imperialism is the highest stage of capitalist development and therefore its final phase. It will be necessary for the working class, with the vanguard party at the forefront, to make many tactical moves to overthrow the capitalists, the imperialists, but we should never lose that socialist horizon or postpone it indefinitely.


We believe that overall relations production, not the temporary ones, the prevailing production relations at the level of the concentrated means of production in a country, are what determine its capitalist or socialist character.


We also believe that the capitalist relations of production may remain for some time in the socialist countries after the Revolution, until they have a residual character and disappear. We also know, from past experiences, that the socialist relations of production can be reversed by the influence of several factors, leading to full restoration of capitalist relations. Our movement knows this fact well.


We analyze many elements that affect today's struggle of the working class and peoples of the world, always looking to place our class in the best conditions for the overthrow of capitalism. To do this we consider very necessary to know the positions of the other fraternal parties, comparing our experiences and learning from victories and mistakes of all without leaving our Marxist-Leninist principles.


We openly declare our intentions:


We want a strong and cohesive international communist movement, in order to discuss and also for action, who helps each Workers' and Communist Party to get closer to the strategic goal and help it not to lose sight of that goal however hard the conditions each one of us have in our respective fields.


We want an international communist movement which is ideologically unified under Marxis,-Leninism who learns from the ideological disputes of the past and how they were resolved, which is a veritable fortress against attempted penetration of the ideology of our class enemy, especially social democracy whose historical mission has been amply demonstrated.


We want an International Communist Movement that has enough maturity to recognize the difficulties, addressing them in the most appropriate way and overcoming them without camouflage or denial.


We want to discuss on which flags the working class has to raise in each moment and whether some of those flags help us move towards socialism or not.


We want to know how is the Socialism that the fraternal parties have in mind and how to address the partial struggles and political alliances.


We want to understand why some fraternal parties act as if imperialism was only the aggressive foreign policy of a single power and not a much larger and with many more facets phenomenon.

We want to understand why the rise of new imperialist powers should be applauded by the Communist and Workers' Parties, and not taken as an opportunity to develop more strongly our revolutionary program.


We want to expand our information on the state of the relations of production in each fraternal country, every country represented here, we would like to share our data for more accurate analysis.


We believe the IMCWP can move in this direction, we consider it absolutely necessary.


Because without a coordinated position of the Communists it is not possible to adequately develop relations with other non-Communist forces, who do coordinate themselves.


Because excessive insistence on the particular conditions of each of us can lead us to the denial of the general conditions for the revolution, which do exist and influence our struggle.


Because we should maintain a unified position on social democracy and its intention to engage Communists in their governments, in order to justify in face of the working masses their policies in favour of the concentration and centralization of capital and monopolies.

Because participation in the management of capitalist governments has never proved to be useful for achieving socialism.


Becausw the defense of the interests of one or another imperialist power can only lead the working class to be used as cannon fodder by the bourgeoisie and their governments, and the communist movement to a bankruptcy similar to the one experienced on the eve of the First World War.


Because we're seeing around us how old opportunist positions are reissued under new labels and we do not want the working class to be deceived and led to dead ends once again.


All these elements, comrades, are the ones that we wanted to express this 16th edition of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties, together with our constant readiness to discuss on these and any other matters of interest.


Comrades, the PCPE deeply respects all parties present here, and most especially our brothers in Latin America. We respect the independence and long history of struggle represented by all of you; we understand the difficulties that we all go through, as they also affect us; we defend and will always defend your essential and irreplaceable role in the struggle for the final liberation of the workers and peoples, and react as quickly as possible in face of the attacks that all fraternal parties may suffer. We have done this in the past and will continue to do so, even harder, in the future.


Hasta la victoria siempre!


Long live Marxism-Leninism!


Long live proletarian internationalism!


Long live the Communist Party of Ecuador!


Long live the 16th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties!