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Statement from the Executive Committee of PCPE on May 1st

May 1st: general strike, disengagement from the EU. For the workers' power


Years and years of social covenant have led us to an unprecedented step backwards in the living and working conditions of the working class and popular sectors, destroying the collective bargaining and the most basic labour rights, together with historical rights won with the blood of workers, such as education and public health.

The position of the trade union leaderships, aimed to agreeing with the employers and the monopolies to avoid "the worst evil" is a deception and leads to the destruction of the living conditions of the working class, since it comes from the idea that we all have to "pitch in" to overcome the "crisis". The reality is that the capitalist crisis is suffered by the working class and the popular sectors. In a society divided into classes, where there are exploiters and exploited, the only guarantee to safeguard our rights is the unity and struggle of the entire working class. The covenants that guarantee social peace only guarantee their profits to a parasitic capitalist class living from the labour of the working class. Those who produce everything need nothing from those who  pocket the work of others.

The working class needs to organize, to create structures where the main thing is the unity of the entire working class in the base, regardless of which trade union each one is affiliated. These unit structures, with a clear position of defending the interests of the working class, are the Committees for the Workers Unity. The PCPE and CJC make a calling to the whole working in order to create these committees in each company, sector and working class region.

One of the main tasks of the most aware workers is to unify the different existing struggles in a great general strike as the point from which to begin a cycle of strong protests against the anti-workers' plans of capital.

The different governments have brought us to this miserable situation, as the colour of the party at the front of the bourgeois government does not matter at all. Labour reforms, increases in indirect taxes on basic consumer goods, wars of imperialist plunder or repression against working people are a common denominator in all of them.

The European Union is the structure of the European monopolies from which most of these measures against the working people are imposed. It is not a “neutral” structure whose policies can be turned into something more “social”, as some “left” parties  say. The EU is a union of monopolies and about it we can only demand that our country immediately leaves it, together with NATO, its imperialist military structure, in order to begin to build a system according to the interests of the working class, socialism – communism.

Today there is no possibility of confusion, the goal is clear: to unite the working class, to raise the economic struggle to political struggle against the monopolies, their state and their imperialist unions, building the workers' and people's front able to unite all struggles in a single strategic struggle to break with the dictatorship of the monopolies, with their imperialist structures and the parasitic system of exploitation.

Only the determined struggle of the working class, with its Communist Party at the forefront, may throw into the dustbin of history the criminal system of capitalist production. The same working class carries within itself a new man and woman, in a society without exploitation and where development is full for all mankind.





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