Friday, 19 June 2015 08:48

On the expelling of a WFTU leader at Tel Aviv airport


The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain expresses its full solidarity with comrade Alexandra Liberi, member of leadership of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), who was prevented from entry into Israel under the argument that "the WFTU meant a threat for the security of Israel" on Saturday June 13.


Comrade Alexandra Liberi, who was travelling as a representative of the WFTU in order to participate in a trade union seminar in Ramallah (West Bank) was held at the airport in Tel Aviv for 11 hours, during which she suffered harassment and threats before being shipped on a plane back to her airport of origin, Athens, where the headquarters of the WFTU are located, via Istanbul.


This shows once again the character of the Israeli state and its authorities, which systematically boycott and obstruct the political, cultural and trade union activities in solidarity with Palestine.


We express our firm solidarity with comrade Alexandra Liberi, with the WFTU and especially with the Palestinian people who continue to suffer the consequences of the Zionist occupation daily, which not only prevents the full political and social development of the Palestinians, but any initiative in the field of trade unionism aimed at developing and enhancing the organization and the struggle of the workers in Palestine.


Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people!


Long live the WFTU!




Madrid, June 18, 2015


International Area


Central Committee of PCPE



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