Thursday, 16 July 2015 16:16

PCPE on the situation in Greece


The Executive Committee of PCPE, after following the developments regarding the situation in Greece in recent weeks, issues the following statement:

1)The new memorandum agreed on the night of July 12
th and approved by the Greek parliament last night is an unmitigated attack against the Greek working people. Most of the measures unanimously agreed in Brussels involve a deepening of the already terrible social and labour situation in the country and advance new privatizations that will be used for a new plundering of the country and an enrichment of Greek and foreign monopolies.

2)Negotiations between the Greek government and the Eurogroup, marked by successive movements, misinformation, threats and various maneuvers, have highlighted the different aspirations and interests that occur within the imperialist alliance that is the European Union. The different approaches of France and Italy or Germany are the expression of the internal conflicts that occur within the EU. Nevertheless, all of them agree on one major element: placing the burden of a new process of accumulation that favors monopolies on the working class and popular sectors.

3)Greek parliament's approval, last night, of the memorandum submitted by the government of SYRIZA, has shown the limitations of capitalist management quite clearly. Despite the initial rhetoric, it is found that neither the absolute majority nor the use of referendums will benefit the workers' majority while the logic of capitalist institutions without a real alternative model continues. Social-democracy, new or old, has once again exerted their role of legitimizing and applying the anti-labour policies, and continues to side big capital.

4)Specifically, the case of the referendum on July 5 has been quite enlightening. While, initially, the SYRIZA government asked to vote "NO" to the proposal from the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF, they have ended up agreeing a tougher agreement than the one that was rejected a few days ago, thereby generating even more frustration to the Greek people and all those who trusted Tsipras. A huge deception of the Greek working people which has its counterpart in our country in organizations such as PODEMOS or IU, that continue to foster illusions about human management of capitalism.

5)PCPE wants to express its explicit support in this process the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), which has maintained a firm position for the disingagement from the EU and the euro with the people in power, the only really viable for the benefit of the working class and the people, while denouncing the various maneuvers both by the government of SYRIZA and the creditors, thus having to endure misunderstanding, defamation and slander of all sorts of opportunists, both in Greece and in Spain.


6)PCPE considers that the events in Greece generate important lessons for the struggle of the working class and working people in our country. On the one hand it has shown the limits of capitalist management, but it has also served to show the blindness of all kinds of opportunists who have fostered illusions about the possibility of an outcome favourable to the people without a break with the imperialist EU that takes place under socialist parameters.

7) The PCPE calls the entire working class and popular sectors to advance the approach of a real alternative outside the chains of imperialist structures such as the EU and NATO, and a disingagement from the euro in the framework of a process of construction of real workers' and people's power.

Madrid, July 16, 2015

Executive Committee