Friday, 31 July 2015 16:58

Solidarity with the Ukrainian communists


The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain, at the decision of the Ukrainian Minister of Justice to exclude communist organizations in the coming elections, expresses its absolute condemnation and rejection. This government decision is a new step in the advance of anti-communism in Ukraine, meaning in practice the prohibition of acts of propaganda, memory, symbols and tributes to the struggle of the communists of that country.


The recent Ukrainian legislation specifically directed against the communist organizations, deepens in the anticommunist campaign developed in other European countries. It means the defamation and manipulation of socialist and anti-fascist history of the Ukrainian working class and fully affirms the reactionary character of the Ukrainian coupist government. Unfortunately these attitudes from the government of Kiev are not surprising, as this government is a staunch defender of imperialist interests in the region and therefore profoundly anti-communist.




In turn, we condemn its allies in the region, the European Union and the United States, who with their support show the true face of bourgeois democracy; the iron dictatorship of capital and the attempt on finishing with the rights of the working class. The EU and US have their hands stained with blood; they are instigators of the anti-communist persecution and complicit in the war plaguing the eastern Ukraine.


We also denounce all those social-democratic parties, especially IU and PODEMOS, who continue to defend the social dimension of European imperialist machinery in their quest for a more efficient capitalism. It is social Europe that supports anticommunism and attacks the rights of the working class in Ukraine, Greece or Spain. Their cynicism and manipulation should be denounced. The reality is quite different. The bourgeoisie, with the levers of power, institutions and all means at its disposal, has declared war on the working class, their ideas, parties and memory. There can be no peace with the most reactionary anticommunism. There is no democratic goodness in the EU anticommunism.


The PCPE expresses its deepest solidarity with the Ukrainian communists and its full support in their struggle against repression, political persecution and historical manipulation.


Madrid, July 29, 2015


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