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Statement from the Executive Committee of the PCPE and the Political Bureau of the CJC on the police agression against a member of CJC

The EC of PCPE and the PB of CJC inform:

 1)    On March 22nd, the PCPE and CJC participated in different demonstrations, one of them in Madrid, that took place that day as the final activity of the so-called "Marches of dignity".

 2)    A large and organized gropu of militants of our two organizations participated in the demonstration in Madrid. There are many pictures which can be seen in many digital media. There were no incidents during our participation in the demonstration.

 3)    After the participation of PCPE and CJC in the demonstration ended, the young CJC militant Iñaki, which was delayed from the group, suffered the brutal impact of a rubber ball thrown in his face by police from close range, without warning of any kind. He was treated by emergency medical services and was diagnosed with multiple fractures in his right cheekbone, jaw thrust and eye injuries, being at that moment impossible to specify the degree of the eye injury in a definitive way.

 4)    In the last days, the medical services have been diagnosed that the eye injury will leave Iñaki   with a degree of low vision on that side, less than ten percent.

In view of these facts the EC of PCPE and the PB of CJC DECLARE:

 1)    The brutal assault by police against Iñaki responds to an arbitrary, brutal and intimidating action of the police forces against people demonstrating peacefully, exercising their rights. The existence of other people who also suffered significant physical damage as a result of police action, shows that this was not a fluke, but the result of a deliberate and widespread police action against a peaceful demonstration.

 2)    The use of certain repressive resources by the police - rubber balls thrown at protesters and a short distance up the face, in this case – are a threat for the safety of those who exercise their rights to assembly and demonstration in the streets. Using these extreme resources responds to a government's willingness to terrorize the population and try to avoid the growing social and political mobilization against the management policies of the capitalist crisis.

 3)    The PCPE and CJC will demand by all means the depuration of the responsibilities of those who gave the orders and those who executed them. Both the Government Delegate in Madrid, the police officers, and those agents who fired their weapons.

 4)    The ultimate responsibility for this violent police action is from the Government of Mariano Rajoy, and his Interior Minister, who use a violent policy of repression against the working class that fights against their unfair and anti-social policies. This repression is also performed without limits against those involved in picketing and in labour strikes, sometimes proposing long prison sentences, as in the case of Airbus workers.

 5)    The PCPE and CJC demand an immediate ban on these repressive measures, which are being used in recent times in an increasingly more frequent and aggressive way by the police and put at serious risk the safety and lives of people in the streets.

 6)    The PCPE and CJC will continue to fight against the policies of this government, organizing the working class with the goal of the political change of the system, for workers' power and the socialist revolution. No police action, however brutal it can be, will make us abandon our goals of complete political transformation of our country. The organized working class is the force that will unstoppably achieve these goals. The PCPE and CJC will always be in the forefront of working class and popular struggle, we are committed to the victory of the workers on the big monopolies and capitalism.

Madrid, April 1, 2014

Executive Committee of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE)

Political Bureau of the Collectives of Young Communists (CJC)

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