Monday, 14 September 2015 19:19

Message of solidarity with the KKE for the electoral battle on the 20th of September

We, the communist and workers parties that sign this statement express our solidarity with the communists of Greece in the face of the difficult electoral battle on the 20th of September.

We call on the workers, the youth, the popular strata of Greece to strengthen the KKE at the ballot box as well. As it is the KKE that militantly defends their rights all these years, against the anti-people policies of the governments, the EU and IMF.

The increase of the KKE’s forces is what guarantees the strengthening and effectiveness of the struggles of the Greek people for the rights of the working class and the popular strata, for the overthrow of capitalist barbarity, for workers’-people’s power.

1.       CP of Albania

2.       CP of Australia

3.       Party of Labour of Austria

4.       CP of Azerbaijan

5.       WP of Bangladesh

6.       Communist Party of the Workers of Belarus

7.       Brazilian CP

8.       CP of Brazil

9.       CP of Britain

10.   NCP of Britain

11.   CP of Bulgaria

12.   Union of Communists in Bulgaria

13.   Party of the Bulgarian Communists

14.   CP of Canada

15.   Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia

16.   CP of Bohemia and Moravia, Czech Republic

17.   CP in Denmark

18.   Pole of Communist Revival in France

19.   CP of Macedonia (FYROM)

20.   UCP of Georgia

21.   German CP (DKP)

22.   Hungarian WP

23.   CP of India

24.   CP of Ireland

25.   WP of Ireland

26.   Tudeh Party, Iran

27.   CP, Italy

28.   Socialist Movement Kazakhstan

29.   Lebanese CP

30.   CP of Luxembourg

31.   CP of Malta

32.   CP of Mexico

33.   Popular Socialist Party - National Political Association , MEXICO

34.   Movement “ Popular Resistance” , Moldova

35.   NCP of the Netherlands

36.   CP of Norway

37.   CP of Pakistan

38.   Palestinian CP

39.   Palestinian People’s Party

40.   Peruan CP

41.   Philippines CP (PKP-1930)

42.   CP of Poland

43.   CP of Puerto Rico

44.   Russian Communist Workers’ Party

45.   CP of the Russian Federation

46.   CP of the Soviet Union

47.   Party of Communists of Serbia

48.   CP of Slovakia  

49.   CP of the Peoples of Spain

50.   CP of Sweden

51.   Syrian CP

52.   CP, Turkey

53.   CP of Ukraine

54.   Union of Communists of Ukraine

55.   Party of the Communists, USA

56.   Network of Communist Clubs, USA

57.   CP of Venezuela


The statement is still open for signatures