Tuesday, 06 October 2015 19:53

Statement of the Central Committee in face of the NATO manoeuvres "Trident Juncture 2015"


In face of the beginning of the manoeuvres "Trident Juncture 2015," the Central Committee of PCPE wants to express its outright rejection to them and its total opposition to Spain's involvement in that terrorist and murderous alliance that is NATO.


These manoeuvres are not just another step in the already constant presence of NATO in Spain. Above all, they are intended to be a new show of force by NATO at a time when competition and rivalries between imperialist powers are sharpening, thus generating new and grave dangers for the peoples around the world. The multiplication of military manoeuvres of different powers and at different levels is a source of constant concern for an internationalist organization like the PCPE.


The government of Mariano Rajoy, without altering the course maintained by successive governments of capital in our country, is firmly committed to increasing the involvement of Spain in NATO structures. This results in an increased presence of foreign troops in our country, the expanding of the use of military bases and that Spain will become a strategic base for control of the Mediterranean and North Africa by NATO, the EU and the USA.


The Spanish territory is intended to be used as a base for future interventions and interferences in African or Middle East, and this for the interest and benefit of the large monopoly groups in the European Union and the United States. NATO is their armed wing to defend and promote their interests, which are in conflict with those of workers and peoples, through violence, war and destruction of the countries attacked.


In this scenario, the Central Committee of PCPE wants to denounce that the refugee crisis taking place now in several countries of the European Union and its environment is a direct result of the interventionist actions of the NATO and EU member countries, among others, in countries such as Syria, Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan. While the European governments hypocritically negotiate refugee quotas, they are supporting the destabilization of the refugees' home countries and benefit the monopoly capital with new flows of cheap labour, while seeking to artificially confront the workers from different countries.


We frontally oppose the spending of billions of euros in military exercises or operations aimed against third countries, while their population is condemned to a mass exodus where they risk their lives.


We also oppose the maintenance of high rates of military spending in our country while large sections of the working class and working people suffer the consequences of cutbacks in key sectors such as education, health or social services.


It is necessary to build a strong people's movement against the presence of foreign troops on our territory and the cession of land, sea and air to armies that invade, assassinate, overthrow governments or generate huge migrations.


We want that the demonstrations of next weeks are a success, so we call the militants of PCPE and CJC and the friends of the Party and the Youth to have a massive participation in them, together with the social and trade union organizations in which we work, so the the rejection of military manoeuvres is clearly heard, so as the need for the unilateral withdrawal of Spain from NATO and the other imperialist structures and the closure of all foreign military bases in our country.


It is necessary to recover the mobilization and struggle of the anti-NATO campaign in the 80's. Lessons learnt from the role played by social-democratic and opportunistic organizations then allow us today to take effective steps in the unification of all the people against the policy of looting, destruction, murder and war that imperialist powers promote, especially the EU, NATO and the US, making the struggle against imperialist war a relentless struggle against the system that generates it.


Madrid, October 4, 2015

Central Committee of PCPE