Tuesday, 03 November 2015 00:19

Contribution from PCPE to the 17th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties

A delegation of PCPE participated in the 17th IMCWP, held in Istanbul. Below the text of the contribution presented by comrade Ástor García, head of the International Area of the Central Committee.


Dear comrades of the Communist Party, Turkey,


Dear Comrades:


On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain I would like to convey fraternal internationalist greetings to all the fraternal parties present here. We also send our warmest greetings and our best wishes for success in the struggles they carry out to those parties who have not been able to come to Istanbul.

The topic of this 17th International Meeting obliges us to reflect on the tasks of the Communist and Workers' Parties to strengthen the struggle of the working class in all areas. For our Party, this is a very suitable occasion to express our opinions on the matters that we consider essential within the International Communist Movement.


As you surely know, very important general elections will be held in less than two months in Spain. Our Party is preparing the work to be developed in this campaign with a fundamental objective: to increase the influence of PCPE among the working masses to raise the level of revolutionary consciousness and thus promote the maturation of the revolutionary subjective factor in our country.


As we have expressed in numerous documents, we believe that the objective conditions for the revolutionary transition to socialism already exist in Spain. The wealth produced by the Spanish working class, with a centrally planned economy, would fully meet the needs of the entire population. But the subjective factor is not mature enough: there is not yet a revolutionary consciousness developed among the masses.


Although the working class and popular sectors of Spain have been able to live and experience, in the recent years, what the limits of the capitalist system are, for two years we have been witnessing a campaign aimed at promoting new political parties which are “refreshment parties”, parties that can replace the Social Democrats or the Conservatives who have managed the capitalist crisis and have been managing Spanish capitalism in the last 30 years.


This operation, conducted from mass-media linked to sectors of the oligarchy, is just another step in the diversion that began in May 2011 with the movement of the squares, the “indignados”. It aims to keep the working class and the popular sectors within the framework of capitalist management, relying on hypothetical reforms that will not solve the fundamental problem of every capitalist society: the contradiction between capital and labour.


The only alternative, comrades, comes through the strengthening of the Communist Party and the development of a policy that, trying to widen the alliances of the working class, is mainly directed towards the working class. Respecting the political positions of social sectors who are near the working class, but never getting behind those alien political positions. To achieve that goal, it is essential that the Communist Party is present in the workplaces, there where the contradiction between capital and labour is clearly seen.


Without an organized presence of the communists in the workplaces there is no possible strengthening of the communist project and the conquest of political power will remain distant.


Therefore, in our 10th Congress, to be held in June 2016, the PCPE will very seriously discuss how we should take steps to be stronger within the labour and trade union movement, how can we build our organization in the workplaces, while our youth strengthens in the student movement and the youth movement in general. As comrade Pedro Checa, secretary of organization of the Communist Party during our National Revolutionary War, the strength of the Party is found in the factories, that is where the Party branch must work, following Lenin's words when he noted that "the main strength of the movement lies in the organisation of the workers at the large factories, for the large factories (and mills) contain not only the predominant part of the working class, as regards numbers, but even more as regards influence, development, and fighting capacity”. That is the path we have to follow in order to strengthen Communist and Workers' Parties, complementing it with a restless struggle against the influence of the bourgeois ideology within the working masses.


Overall, the communist work should be complemented by an accurate assessment of the international situation and the effects that this situation has on the work of the Communist and Workers' Parties.

The depletion of the socio-historical capitalist formation is evident. Monopoly capitalism, imperialism, is a system that needs to destroy productive forces in order to survive as a system. It needs to destroy the living and working conditions of the working class, thus leading millions of workers to a situation of wage slavery.


Imperialism is socializing labour to incredible limits. Monopolies of any country are closer than ever to be able to exploit the working class of any country or, put another way, the whole working class of the world can be exploited by the capitalists of all countries. Therefore internationalism is today one of the key elements in the work of the communists, raising the economic struggle of the class to political struggle, which means a general conception of the processes of capitalist exploitation at a world level.


The contradictions between the major capitalist powers have exponentially sharpened and this creates a very high level of unstability and great dangers for the world's working class. This sharpening is an accelerated phenomenon since the triumph of the counterrevolution in the Soviet Union and the European socialist bloc.

Scarcity of resources, compounded by the anarchy in production reigning in capitalism, the growing importance of their transportation routes and the need for markets, all of them are factors that multiply the clashes between monopoly groups and their political-military structures. This brings closer the danger that any spark triggers a contend of big dimensions.

The war is intrinsic to capitalist development in the present imperialist stage and it is necessary to maintain the rate of profit of the monopolies. The war is a tool of imperialism and therefore the struggle against imperialist war should be one of the main areas of work of the Communist and Workers' Parties, on the basis that the struggle against imperialist war is inseparable from the struggle against the system that generates it.


Currently, we see how the war has torn countries such as Syria, Libya and Iraq; we also see how the Palestinian people are suffering; periodically we witness the agressions against the Lebanese and the attacks against the progressive sectors in Turkey. To all these peoples we express our deepest international solidarity.


Comrades, in the framework of the sharpening inter-imperialist conflicts, the communists have the obligation of not falling in the trap of favouring one or the other imperialism. We have to tirelessly fight against the imperialist powers and structures in which our countries participate. In the case of Spain, it is very clear that it is the EU and NATO, mainly. But we also consider it necessary to firmly address the debate on the role of the different powers in the current global scenario and fight against theories such the one of the multi-polarity. Those theories ignore the Leninist analysis on the state and imperialism.


Assuming that, in face of every aggression, our actions must always be marked by denouncing the aggressive power, we should never confuse with the consequent anti-imperialist discourse and positions the opposition of other powers, being it cyclical or sustained over time, to the specific maneuvers of one imperialist power. A confusion of this magnitude would lead to the working class and the peoples of the world to new undesirable situations ini which they would become cannon fodder for the greater glory of the respective capitalists.


We formally request the participants in this International Meeting that, in future editions, some issues such as the characterization of imperialism and the imperialist state alliances are systematically addressed. For us this is a central issue in the development of a joint strategy in the International Communist Movement.

Comrades, we hope that the works in this meeting will be fruitful and that our discussions here will help the development of all Communist and Workers' Parties in their struggles.

Thank you very much for the attention.