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The workers in Europe and other countries experience the consequences of the longstanding policies that have been pursued regarding the environment, consequences that are particularly serious:

• With the contamination of water resources
• Floods
• Burnt forests
• Constant soil erosion
• Air pollution
• The reduction of free green spaces in urban and semi-urban areas
• The further commercialization of land

In addition, there is a chain reaction of consequences in the food production chain, where the people’s needs are sacrificed at the altar of the profitability of the monopolies, as the recent gathering of the monopolies and their unions at the EXPO in Milan demonstrated.

The peoples are increasingly denied the possibility of enjoying natural beauty, beaches, forests, parks and are paying a high price for their commodification.

Waste management has developed into privileged terrain for the profitability of the monopolies, creating serious dangers for public health.

The EU bears enormous responsibilities for this situation, as it promotes the reactionary rationale of the “polluter pays”. The intensifying downgrading and destruction of the natural environment at a European and international level, the increasing commodification of the natural resources reveal even more sharply the outcomes of the capitalist path of development.

It is on this terrain that the sharpening of the contradictions of the capitalist states internationally manifests itself over the control of the markets, the setting of goals, the control mechanisms and the distribution of funding in order to deal with climate change. This competition is expected to sharpen before the signing of an International Climate Agreement, which will serve the interests of the monopolies, at the Paris Summit that will be held this year in December.

The environment will be endangered as long as the private ownership of the means of production exists. The conscious planned and balanced impact of man on nature can only exist in a society that is based on the social ownership of all the natural resources and the means for their utilization, on central planning, on production with social prosperity as its criterion.

In order to pave the way for this hopeful prospect, the communist and workers parties that participate in the Initiative struggle every day for the protection of:

• The forests and aquifer
• The free spaces and the work environment
• For the creation of earthquake and flood protection
• For the creation of a single public organization for waste management and the total management of water resources exclusively by the state

The broad masses of workers must take a position in this struggle, in which the communist and workers parties are in the frontline, against the interests of the monopolies and the EU.


The INITIATIVE of the Communist and Workers’ Parties in Europe, extends its solidarity and support to the Communist Party, Turkey in the parliamentary elections in Turkey to be held on 7th June 2015. The Secretariat of the INITIATIVE recognises that the Communist Party carries out an election campaign and waves the flag of socialism in difficult circumstances.


Turkey goes to elections under unfair circumstances as the Communist Party’s activities against the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government frequently faces prohibition and police brutality.


On the other hand, bourgeois media as the voice of the capitalist system attempts to divert the anger of the people toward the government oppression in the direction of the false illusion that the strengthening of the social democratic and liberal parties which promise to reform the current failed political system in Turkey, will save them from AKP fascism and cruelty of capitalist exploitation. Seeking an alternative to weaken the AKP government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, some sections of the Turkish capitalist class in cooperation with the imperialist forces including the US and the EU are, mostly implicitly, supporting these opposition parties in order to restore the fragile capitalist system and bourgeois democracy in Turkey. They are aware that Turkish capitalism is heading to a total political and ideological crisis because of the arbitrary and irrational policies of the Islamic government.


The Communist Party, through its struggles and mass political work, has made a great effort to show that no solution is to be found within the framework of capitalist system and corrupted bourgeois democracy in Turkey. The Communist Party’s candidate list in this election is composed of women candidates only. A list of 550 women candidates is a challenge to the severe infringement of women’s rights in Turkey and demonstrates the respect for the resolute resistance of the Turkish working women to the Islamic government.



The INITIATIVE is convinced that only the steadfast struggle of the Communist Party introduces a real revolutionary alternative to the failed system in Turkey. Therefore the INITIATIVE applauds the struggle of the Communist Party and wishes success to the members and supporters of the party for the construction a socialist future for Turkish people.



The INITIATIVE also demand three Communist Party members who are under arrest since 1st of May, because of government’s hostility without any legal basis to be released immediately.







The European Communist Initiative during the meeting of its Secretariat in Athens on 8/9 issued the following resolution on the 70th anniversary of the Great Antifascist Victory of the Peoples:

70 years ago at the daybreak of the 9th of May 1945, the seemingly invincible Germany unconditionally surrendered. The Red Army crushed fascism and raised the red flag with the hammer and sickle high over Berlin.

The European Communist Initiative honours the over 20 million dead of the Soviet Union, all those who sacrificed themselves, who were disabled on the battlefields, who contributed with self-sacrifice and heroism to the defeat of fascism. It notes the vanguard role and decisive contribution of the communist parties all over the world to the national liberation struggle.

We honour and defend the unsurpassed contribution of the USSR and socialism, the struggle of the communists from the lies and ahistorical distortions. The peoples of Europe today must reject the provocative and anti-historical aim of the EU and its governments to equate communist with the fascist monster. We must denounce the offensive that has been unleashed by capital’s forces which promote anticommunism, the persecution and bans on the activity of communist parties, the trials against communists, the outlawing of communist symbols and the dissemination of communist ideas, as recently happened in Ukraine, insulting the memory of the militants of the Great Antifascist Victory of the Peoples. The honouring of the Nazi collaborators and their political descendants is an enormous provocation. The mass celebration of the Anti-fascist Victory is a defiant response to the EU and capitalists that are vainly trying to transform this day into the alleged “Day of Europe”. The history of the Great Antifascist Victory of the PeopLes will not be rewritten.

It has been demonstrated clearly and is confirmed today that fascism is created and nourished by the capitalist system itself, it is the most extreme form of the monopolies’ power that is based on capitalist exploitation. The fascist-Nazi ideology is inherently criminal. This was proved by the appalling crimes of the Nazis in World War II, the mass murders and persecution, the Nazi concentration camps, the criminal activity of the Sturmabteilung against communists, other antifascists, immigrants. The youth in particular must draw important lessons from this history.

The peoples today are suffering due to the barbaric anti-worker offensive of capital so that it can overcome its crisis, in the context of sharpening competition. They are experiencing the new dangers of imperialist wars and intervention, in which the EU-USA and NATO play the leading role. Their enemy is none other than the monopolies and their power. Their future prospects are to be found in the struggle for the liberation of the working class from the shackles of exploitation. 70 years after the Antifascist Victory of the Peoples, its lessons strengthen our unshakeable conviction that socialism-communism is the new world.






The European Communist Initiative during the meeting of the Secretariat in Athens on 8/5 issued the following resolution on the dangerous developments in Ukraine and the rise of anticommunism:

Over a year has passed since the imperialist intervention which was carried out by the EU-USA-NATO in Ukraine, in their competition with Russia over which monopolies will control the energy resources in the wider region. They butchered the people of Ukraine and today there exists the possibility of a new generalized military escalation in the Donbass region. The constant violations of the fragile ceasefire agreement of Minsk by the reactionary Ukrainian government as well as the intensification of the unacceptable sanctions against Russia are also indicative of this.

The people of Donbass have become hostages of the inter-imperialist contradictions of the various imperialist groups from the USA, the EU, Ukraine and Russia and their imperialist allies in the continuing competition amongst them for their predatory interests-for the redivision of the spheres of influence in the conditions of the crisis. Most of the reactionary nationalist forces in Ukraine have become involved in the confrontation between the global imperialist robbers.

 In parallel, the imperialist powers in recent months have multiplied their military presence in the region. We particularly note the presence of 300 US marines in the western province of Lviv in order to train a body of the Ukrainian army, which is characterized by the activity of fascists as well as the intensifying NATO exercises in the wider region and the plans for the reinforced EU military presence on the basis of the Common Security and Defense Policy, which increase the danger of a new flashpoint in Ukraine. It is indicative that the head of the fascist “Right Sector” was appointed as an advisor of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

At the same time, Ukraine’s attachment to the EU is being strengthened with the prospect of it being integrated into it in the next 5 years. The implementation of anti-people reforms is being accelerated in this direction. This will be a new blow to the labour rights of the people of Ukraine in exchange for 19 billion euros of funding that the country’s bourgeoisie will enjoy.

It is no accident that these dangerous developments for the people of Ukraine and the peoples of the wider region are accompanied by the escalation of the provocative anti-communist offensive.

After the fiasco and the farcical trials at the expense of the CP of Ukraine that were exposed and denounced internationally, we note that the anti-communist machinations of the government and EU are being advanced by the ratification of a law in the Ukrainian parliament that historically identifies communism with fascism and attempts to outlaw the dissemination of communist ideas and communist symbols. Their goal is to consolidate the anti-communist hysteria, and to criminalize the activity of the communists and other militants who resist the imperialist intervention in Ukraine.  In any case, they are attempting to erase the great contribution of socialism from the consciousness of the people of Ukraine.

The European Communist Initiative expresses its full support for the communists of Ukraine and calls for the decisive strengthening of the communists’ activity in every country so that anti-communism in Ukraine does not succeed.

The European Initiative of Communist and Workers parties expresses its solidarity with the people of Donbass, of Ukraine in general,  against the offensive of the Ukrainian authorities and the fascist forces more generally, the volunteer “Banderist” Nazi units.

It will utilize its forces to reinforce the efforts to reveal to the people the dangerous imperialist plans unfolding that aim to assist capital overcome its crisis at the expense of the people A crucial factor in the developments are the people of Ukraine themselves, who can become the protagonists through their struggle against the monopolies and their unions in order to fight for power, in their fight to abolish the capitalists who exploit their toil and wealth and who condemn them to live in wars and destitution.



Despite the misleading messages of European bourgeois governments and the European Union, the unemployment figures remain at very high levels in many countries in Europe. In the countries where official figures are low, the jobs that are created are insecure, transient and highly precarious with low wages and few employment rights.


The huge destruction of productive forces that followed the outbreak of the capitalist crisis is now followed by the creation of jobs which are characterised by poor working conditions, low pay and that cannot meet the most basic needs of working people.


The direction which the EU follows is the promotion of “mobility”, “casualisation” and the “flexibility” of employment and labour relations, thus exposing workers to increased vulnerability, diminution of their rights and subjection to the will of the employers. The use of agency workers to undercut the pay and conditions of other workers increases the level of exploitation, intensifies the race to the bottom and demonstrates the hypocrisy of the EU and its governments with regard to immigration. Research has shown that workers employed on low paid precarious work are more likely to suffer poor health together with anxiety and stress as a result of financial and social uncertainty.



Young workers are particularly vulnerable to the problem of unemployment. The structures of the European Union take advantage of their situation to modify the entire system of labour relations through programmes such as “youth guarantee” and the “youth contract”, which only serve to “recycle” unemployment and fund the employers under the pretence of providing training.



The European Commission has recently offered some data on job creation maintaining a predicted unemployment rate above 20% in countries like Spain and Greece, which means more misery for millions of workers.


The working class and working people in the European countries should not be fooled by official figures that count as employees those who work for weeks, days or even hours, while those who are taking training course are excluded from unemployment rolls.


Millions of workers in Europe have lost all hope of finding a job and survive on family benefits or miserable social assistance programs. The protection of the unemployed is decreasing and new measures restricting the rights of unemployed workers are constantly put in place.


Unemployment means desperation, social isolation, poverty and misery for millions of workers and their families. This is intensified by the brutal increase in exploitation. Fear of job loss and the ever-present threat of unemployment allow employers to savagely punish the entire working class.


Forced chronic mass unemployment and its consequences, including emigration, suffered by broad sectors of the working class in all capitalist countries without exception, exposes the lies of the bourgeoisie about the viability and functioning of capitalism. It refutes the fallacy that if all of us "join forces" the “economy” will be saved. The sacrifices of the working class, whether accepting intolerable conditions, wage cuts, diminishing rights and increasing inequality, have not prevented the closure of plants and workplaces and their relocation to countries where slave-like conditions increase the profits of the employers.


Unemployment is not a natural phenomenon but a necessary condition of the development of capitalism which is unable to provide decent living conditions for the workers and peoples. Since unemployment is inherent in the capitalist system, it can only disappear through the overthrow of capitalism, as demonstrated by the experience of the Soviet Union and the socialist countries, where unemployment was unknown.


We call on the working class and popular sectors to fight firmly to defend their labour and social rights and for the highest level protection for unemployed workers. In each country, our parties are at the forefront of the struggle for immediate measures for the protection and relief of the unemployed. At the same time, we affirm that, under capitalism, no right is guaranteed and it is necessary to link the struggle to defend the right to work with the struggle for the construction of workers' and people's power which will put a definitive end to the scourge of unemployment.





Wednesday, 22 April 2015 02:00

No to the murderous migration policies of the EU

Written by

Joint Statement of the C​​ommunist Party of Greece, Communist Party, Italy, Communist Party of  Malta and the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain



The KKE, the CPI the CP of Malta and the PCPE wish to stress the following regarding the unspeakable tragedy unfolding in our countries’ seas in relation to the refugees and immigrants:


The ongoing tragedy has a “name”: it is the political line of the EU and other countries, like the USA, that is responsible for the wars in the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa. This tragedy is rooted in the capitalist system itself, on this terrain we have the manifestation of poverty, the class exploitation and oppression of the working class and peoples by reactionary regimes, the sharpening of the imperialist contradictions, which cause the imperialist wars and interventions.


The imperialist interventions and wars developed in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Mali and other countries of the Middle East and Africa have a deep impact in the people of those countries who are forced to risk their lives by displacing themselves to other areas.


The problem of the waves of immigration cannot be solved without dealing with the causes that create them. The “fences”, Frontex, and the other repressive measures merely increase the number of the dead and the slave traders’ prices.


The governments of the so-called European “South”, “right” and “left”, bear enormous responsibilities because they participate in this crime, they participate in the imperialist plans of NATO and the EU.


We are struggling for relief measures, so that the governments immediately ensure humane temporary reception centres for the refugees as well as the provision of travel documents so that these people can reach the countries that are their real destinations. We must defy the Dublin Regulations and the Schengen Treaty.


In addition, we stress that this issue cannot be dealt with in separation from its causes. Our peoples’ struggle against the imperialist interventions of the EU and NATO, against the rotten capitalist system itself must be strengthened




The capitalist system, due to its exploitative character, discriminates against women from the working class and the other poor popular strata, who are doubly exploited and oppressed by it. This inequality is expressed through lower wages and precarious jobs with women risking unemployment or dismissal due to pregnancy. The attack on healthcare, education, welfare, social services, the handing over of these services to big capital, the inadequate childcare force working women to stay at home with the children or elderly and thus their participation in the movement is limited.




Capitalism as a system maintains inequality between the genders and discrimination is a structural component. The equality of women can exist in the framework of the abolition of the class relations of exploitation and not merely through legal measures regarding the two sexes.




In countries where imperialist interventions are taking place and wars are being waged women suffer from all kinds of violence. They are victims of abasement, kidnapping or an impoverished life in a refugee camp.




The growing influence of religion, which is a global phenomenon, worsens the situation, as it abolishes fundamental social, political and cultural rights of women, and amongst other things fosters backward views on the issue of abortion. All these reactionary attacks towards women are not in contradiction with the interest of the capitalist class as religion today is not an archaic but a "modern" phenomenon which serves the economic and ideological needs of the bourgeoisie.




At the same time when the socialist countries ceased to exist in Eastern Europe and many of their achievements for women were abandoned, illusions were promoted by the monopolies and their governments that the problems of the women for the working class and other poor popular strata would be solved in the framework of the capitalist development path and the EU. But in today´s world capitalism not only does not offer any solution for living a life in dignity with full rights, but on the contrary brings new torments and impasses for the women from working class and popular families.




Still, women´s consciousness and their willingness to struggle for increased emancipation are substantial. The names of pioneers like Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxemburg and other militant women made a great historical contribution to the struggle for the rights of women. Women´s participation in the class oriented labour movement, in the militant women’s movement must be reinforced. But the decisive question will be if women will work for revolutionary changes or if they will be manipulated by the view that female representation will change capitalism.




A good example how representation is used in the interests of imperialists is the UN resolution 1325 (Women, peace and security). The resolution awoke false hope with its claims that if women participate in international conflicts they would be a huge asset for creating peace and stability. Their analysis was one of gender and not of class. NATO has adopted this idea and implemented resolution 1325 into its strategic concept, women serving as an alibi for imperialist wars.




The struggle for peace by women is inextricably linked to the struggle against the capitalist system, against the imperialist plans.




It has been proved once again by recent developments that the class exploitation and double oppression against women cannot be abolished under capitalism. A system based on private property is the main reason for inequality. In the capitalist system, independent from the level of development, women cannot achieve equality. Therefore, it is demonstrably clear that women’s emancipation cannot be achieved without a struggle for socialism. All other options which aim at reforming capitalism to improve the conditions of women will not be able to end inequality.




We celebrate International Women’s Day for all women of the working class and other poor popular strata. Once again we reiterate our belief in the possibility and the necessity of a better and equal world. This can be achieved only by the participation of women themselves in the joint struggle for gender equality against capitalism.




The emancipation of women cannot be achieved without a firm struggle against capitalism.




No women's struggle without class struggle – no class struggle without women´s struggle.









The European Communist Initiative with sadness and anger condemns the criminal attacks of the so-called “jihadists” in France.


Beyond the obvious denunciation of these attacks, the people should reflect on the issue in its entirety. The specific mechanisms and networks that executed these attacks are linked to the interests that are served by their murderous and provocative activity. The “jihadists” are the creation of imperialism; they were supported and utilized in order to implement the plans of the USA, NATO and the EU in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. It is well-known that these groups were funded, trained and armed in all the previous years by the USA, the EU, NATO, their member-states and their allies. It is these powers that bear enormous responsibilities for what is happening today.


The campaign currently being launched by the EU and NATO and their governments, hand in hand with the bourgeois mass media and other centres, is attempting to promote the position of “everyone united” in the “struggle against terrorism”. Those who play the leading role in creating and strengthening the jihadists, in butchering the peoples, carrying out imperialist wars are not and cannot be “united” with the peoples. Those who are laying waste to every remaining labour, popular and democratic right cannot “be united” with the peoples. Those who are systematically utilizing the activity of such mechanisms in order to foster religious and other discrimination amongst the peoples can not “be united” with them. The capitalist system, the system they all serve, is what nurtures and reproduces fascism and its formations. The discussion about illegal immigration serves the anti-immigrant line of the EU that opens and closes the borders in line with the needs of capital and that via FRONTEX and the EU “TRITON” program leads to the mass drowning of immigrants and refugees, the victims of imperialist interventions.


The people have the experience of September the 11th for which they paid a very high price through wars, imperialist interventions, barbaric repression, the restriction of civil liberties and the implementation of barbaric anti-worker measures in the name of “security against terrorism”, while the business groups made a fortune.


This new offensive against the peoples aims at silencing the workers’ struggles in a period when the anti-people measures, at preventing the peoples from organizing their struggles and at making them accept the present-day chains so that they will live in poverty and destitution.


The European Communist Initiative expresses its solidarity with the French people and stresses that the peoples of Europe can reject the false and hypocritical “calls for unity” of the bourgeoisie and without delay organize their struggle. They themselves can prevent these new anti-people plans through their struggle, reject the attempts to intimidate them, play the leading role in the fight against the EU and NATO, overthrow the system of exploitation and impose their own development path where they have the power to do so.






Monday, 26 January 2015 01:00

PCPE welcomes the electoral advance of KKE

Written by


Once the results of the early parliamentary elections held on the 25th in Greece are known, the PCPE wants to convey to the comrades of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) its congratulations for the electoral breakthrough and would like to make the following considerations:


1) The electoral breakthrough of the KKE shows that an important part of the working class and popular sectors in Greece have not been fooled by the proposals of SYRIZA and remain confident to the revolutionary positions.


2) The formation of the new government with the support of the organization “Independent Greeks”, is a clear indication of the direction that Tsipras will take. He has made it absolutely clear that he does not intend to take any action that threatens the process of capitalist accumulation nor modifies the position of Greece within the imperialist structures of the EU.


3) SYRIZA is one of the driving forces of the Party of the European Left (ELP), and counts with the express support of other forces that organization. The possibility to check in practice the policies defended by the ELP and its members in the other countries of the European Union, their proposals and their management is now open. We call on the working class and popular sectors of our country to draw the necessary lessons during the coming months, on the role of new social democracy, embodied today in Greece in SYRIZA and, in Spain, in their partners of PODEMOS and United Left.


4) The most realistic way out of the pressing problems of the Greek and Spanish working class does not go through another approach to the capitalist management, but through the strengthening of the revolutionary organizations to build and advance a global alternative which eradicates the causes that generate the misery and exploitation of the working class and popular sectors: the KKE in Greece and the PCPE in Spain.




Madrid, January 26, 2015.


Executive Committee




Tuesday, 20 January 2015 01:00

Solidarity message with KKE on the elections of January 25th

Written by

Dear Comrades,


With this message, the Central Committee of PCPE wants to convey our express express solidarity and support in the current electoral process underway in Greece.


The PCPE supports the struggle of the Greek Communists in all the battles waged by the KKE every day to defend the interests of the working class and popular sectors of Greece, hit hard by the management of the bourgeois governments and the measures promoted by the imperialist alliance that is the European Union.

Similarly, we support the work that the KKE develops to explain to the masses the inability to end this situation if not through an abandonment of the model of capitalist development and the adoption of another path, that of socialist construction.

We support and share your firm stance against the siren songs of the new social democracy embodied in SYRIZA, which seek to make disappear the independent position of the Communists and deceive the working class and popular sectors with illusions about a different management of capitalism .

As is the case in Spain with PODEMOS and United Left, the reality is that SYRIZA does not fight for the rights of the workers and popular masses. PODEMOS, United Left and SYRIZA struggle to offer an institutional replacement that, without questioning the basis of the operating system that causes the attacks on social and democratic rights of working people and their impoverishment, aims to channel social discontent towards the strengthening the capitalist system, towards a new cycle that ensures the profitability of the monopolies. The people of Greece and Spain need the advance of communist positions to break the false and impossible way out of the crisis of capitalism that these organizations from the new social-democracy represent.

Comrades, none of the other political forces, all favourable to the bourgeoisie, represents a real alternative for the Greek working people. Only the strengthening of the KKE is a guarantee for the workers' and people's power that will open a new scenario for Greece, in which the satisfaction of the needs of the working class and popular sectors is the guide for the political and economic activity .

Comrades, we wish you every success in this struggle and in the many others which you develop every day in the workplaces and in the working-class neighbourhoods.

Long live the struggle of the Greek working class!

Long live the Communist Party of Greece!


Madrid, January 19th, 2015.

International Area

Central Committee of PCPE

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