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Dear Comrades,


on behalf of the militants of the PCPE I convey the most fraternal greetings to this important moment of the celebratin of your 9th Congress, to which we wish the greatest success.


Comrades, we are proud to share with you the trench of the communist struggle. We live in a time full of dangers and challenges for the working class in our respective countries and in the whole world. In order to overcome them, the joint struggle of the Communist and Workers' Parties is fundamental.


The initiatives that we are developing in the direction of advancing faster in the necessary communist coordination are very important. The RCWP is a relevant ally in these tasks and therefore we are eager to deepen in our bilateral relations, which are also essential for the development of the joint work among communists from different countries.


As we have been able to see in the developments in Ukraine, the imperialist powers hit strongly and they deploy all their efforts in order to control energy transport routes and the markets, and for this they do not hesitate in overtrhow governments, unleash wars and cause death and destruction.


The destabilization that imperialism is leading the countries to, and the misery and death to which millions of workers are thrown to must be fought against by the communists in every country, raising a powerful worlwide movement against imperialism, for peace and against the imperialist powers' agressions.


In the year when we commemorate the 97th anniversary of the Great Socialist Revolution of October, we specially remember the great experience that the Russian communsits, headed by Lenin, offered to the working class of the whole world. The bolsheviks proved that, even in the middle of an imperialist war, the political power can be seized by the working class and its allies, and that the tasks of the socialist construction begin in the very same day in which the power is seized, without any intermediate stages between the bourgeois power and the workers' power.


Comrades, we have to continue advancing in our joint struggle, we have to strenghten our links with the working masses and other allied social layers with the aim of openin a new episode in the history of mankind: the definitive construction of socialism-communism.


The militants of PCPE are committed to this task and we have the RCWP militants by our side, which undoubtedly makes us stronger.






Long live the 9th Congress of the Russian Communist Workers' Party!


Long live the struggle of the Russian working class!


Long live proletarian internationalism!






Madrid, December 11th, 2014.


Thursday, 11 December 2014 01:00

Greeting message to PFLP on its 47th anniversary

Written by





The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain sends warm greetings to the comrades of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the 47th anniversary of its creation.

We salute the militants and the fighters, we salute the prisoners in the Zionist extermination prisons, like comrade Ahman Sa'adat, Secretary General of the PFLP.

We salute the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters of the martyrs.

The PFLP is the firm expression of the resistance of the Palestinian people against the Zionist occupant and its revolutionary will committed to the construction of a free, unified, secular and democratic Palestine. The PFLP also represents the commitment with the return of the refugees.

Comrades from the PFLP, please receive the warm greetings from your comrades from PCPE and our commitment with the solidarity with the Palestinian people based on proletarian interationalism.

Madrid, December 11th, 2014.
International Area from the Central Committee of the PCPE



Copenhagen, November 2014



Dear comrades,



On behalf of the Central Committee of PCPE I convey fraternal internationalist greetings and wish that the works of the 4th Congress of your Party are very successful.


The capitalist crisis is hitting hard on the working class and popular sectors in our country, where nearly 2 million families have all their members unemployed and a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line. Our youth suffers an unemployment of over 50% and have no expectations of getting out of this situation in the near future. The government is stepping up attacks on the working and popular majority with new measures to reduce the cost of the workforce and further reduce the social, labor and democratic rights that still remain in Spain.


In this situation, the PCPE is adamant in the approaches approved by our 9th Congress. Our analysis of the inability of capitalism, under any kind of management, to ensure decent living conditions for the majority of the population is corroborated every day. But our party still does not have enough capacity to reach all workplaces or all the workers' and popular neighborhoods, we still have a way to go in the articulation of the communist presence in the enterprises, where the principal contradiction of capitalism is developed, and therefore we have to fight hard every day to keep communist flags held high at a time when the opportunists are in the process of binding that seeks to achieve positions of government for a "social" management of capitalism.


The hegemony of opportunism in the workers' and people's movement makes our class choose, right now, for reformist solutions in face of the loss of rights and the destruction of public services, but we work every day to show that every struggle should seek a broader horizon that really overcomes this situation of exploitation of man by man.


At the international level, the situation becomes more dangerous each day. The various imperialist powers collide for control of raw materials, transportation routes and control of markets, the arms race and violence against the people increase. We can not discard the possibility of a world war, and therefore the struggle for peace and against imperialism are key elements in the work of communists.


Our strong commitment to our country's disingagement of the EU and NATO should be more closely coordinated with other parties and organizations in our immediate environment who share those goals. The Danish PC is one of those parties that has always maintained a clear position on these issues.


Comrades, the communist movement today faces serious dangers, also derived from our own mistakes. The current situation of the imperialist system is very similar to the one in the eve of the Frist World War. There is a risk that some communist organizations can be swept along by the general climate and stand behind somebody else's flags, supporting one or the other imperialist powers or alliances in inter-imperialist conflicts that are happening.


We consider it essential to maintain the class independence in order to develop a systematic work in the field of alliances and in daily struggles to move forward in the development of revolutionary consciousness within our class to reach the goal the overthrow of bourgeois power and the construction of Socialism-Communism.


Comrades, we follow with great interest the works of the Danish Communist Party and would like to learn more about the results of the 4th Congress. We stand side by side in the struggle for Socialism and we want our parties to further develop our bilateral relations.


With fraternal communist greetings,



Long live the the 4th Congress of the Danish Communist Party!


Long live proletarian internationalism!



Thursday, 20 November 2014 01:00

Greeting message to the 53rd Congress of the CP of Britain

Written by


Dear Comrades from the Communist Party of Britain,


on behalf of the Central Committee of PCPE, I convey fraternal communist and internationalist greetings on the occasion of the 53
rd Congress of your Party.


We salute the long history of your Party and the struggle of the British Communists throughout the decades.


The Communists in Spain will always appreciate the participation of the British Communists in the British Battalion who fought in the 15th Brigade of the Spanish People's Army in our National Revolutionary War of 1936-39, when the Spanish people confronted fascism and reaction with the help of thousands of international brigadiers.


Today, the intensification of the contradictions within the world imperialist system puts the peoples of the world in face of the danger of new wars, resulting from the inability of the big monopolies to raise their rate of profit. We consider it is essential to raise a strong global movement for peace and against imperialist wars.


At the same time we believe it is necessary to join forces in the struggle against the imperialist alliance of states that is the European Union. We know the position of your party on the matter and we are confident that we can cooperate more in the future, on this and other issues.


Comrades, we wish every success to your 53
rd Congress.


Long live the Communist Party of Britain!


Long live proletarian internationalism!



Madrid, November 5th, 2014.






Friday, 07 November 2014 01:00

Solidarity with Sudanese Communist Party

Written by


PCPE expresses its solidarity with the Sudanese CP in face of the new wave of repressions unleashed by the government of al-Bashir. In this occasion, several members of the party in the province of Blue Nile have been arrested, among them the Political Secretary in the region, comrade Ali Suliman.


The arrests took place at the beginning of November and are related to a statement from the Sudanese CP in commemoration of the Sudanese Revolution in 1964, but the charges against Suliman and the rest of the comrades could eventually mean the death penalty.


PCPE denounces this new repressive wave against the Sudanese CP and its militants and joins the demand for immediate release of all Sudanese communist militants arrested.


We support the Sudanese CP in its constant struggle against the regime of Omar al-Bashir.




For the immediate release of the Sudanese communists arrested!


Long live the struggle of the Sudanese CP!




Madrid, November 6th, 2014


International Area






“The important thing is that the ice has been broken; the road is open, the way has been shown.” V.I. Lenin


The great October Socialist Revolution in Russia, 1917, is a historical milestone of the working class’ struggle to overthrow the power of the capitalists, to construct socialism and to abolish the exploitation of man by man. It was a decisive break with the old world order and laid the basis for the political, social and economic liberation of humanity.


The Bolshevik Revolution was the result of the explosive sharpening of the social contradictions of Tsarist Russia, the First World War, which made it the weak link in the global imperialist system.


Its realization confirms that only a Communist Party with a revolutionary strategy, which is guided by Marxism-Leninism, built in the workplaces and the working class communities, can safeguard the leading role of the working class in its alliance with the oppressed popular strata for the “revolutionary leap”.


The October Revolution ushered in a new historical era, the era of the transition from capitalism to socialism. This is carried out by the conquest of political power by the working class in alliance with the poor popular strata, with the socialization of the means of production, central planning and worker’s social control, in order to construct the new socialist-communist society to satisfy the needs of the people.


Socialism made a great contribution to the struggle of the peoples and this can not be erased by the slanderous attacks of its opponents, the bourgeois and opportunists apologists of capitalism.
The Soviet Union played a decisive role in the anti-fascist victory of the peoples in the Second World War, with 20 million dead and incalculable material losses.


The problem of unemployment was resolved in the socialist countries and the right to work was ensured. Working time was reduced, social-security rights were established. Modern health services and real education were provided free and became people’s rights in reality. There was substantial care for children, youth, young couples, the aged and the ill.


It ensured the right to housing, sports, culture, and recreation. It was the counterweight to imperialist aggressiveness and a factor for the defence of peace.


The achievements of Soviet power lent impetus to the struggle of the peoples all over the world.
The counterrevolutionary overthrow of socialism does not change the character of our era.


Communists learn from the mistakes, the oversights, the violations of the laws of socialist construction that led to the overthrow of socialism and the restoration of capitalism, with painful consequences for the peoples of the former socialist states and for all humanity.


Social development advances through class struggle as its driving force.


Capitalism, the system that is based on the exploitation of man by man has reached its historical limits. It gives rise to crises, poverty and imperialist wars.



Socialism is necessary and timely!


Power in the hands of the working class!


Wealth in the hands of those that produce


A new social organisation with the satisfaction of the people’s needs as its objective!


Long live the Great Socialist October Revolution!






Wednesday, 29 October 2014 01:00

Freedom for Ahmad Sa'adat!

Written by


The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain demands the immediate release of comrade Ahmad Sa'adat, Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.


We demand the Zionist state to put an end to 11 years of imprisonment and we express our solidarity with the family and comrades of Ahmad Sa'adat. PCPE reiterates the solidarity commitment with the Palestinian people based upon proletarian internationalism, specially with our comrades from the PFLP.


The PCPE supports the demand for the end of the occupation and the Zionist war against Palestine, the dismantling of the apartheid regime, the liberation of the Palestinian fighters and political prisoners, the return to Palestine of the refugees and the defense of a unified, secular, democratic and progressive Palestine in its historical territories.


Freedom for Ahmad Sa'adat!


Long live proletarian internationalism! Long live free Palestine!



Madrid, October 24th, 2014


International Area


Central Committee of the PCPE



Tuesday, 28 October 2014 01:00

Greeting message to the 90th anniversary of the Syrian CP

Written by


Dear Comrades of the Syrian Communist Party:



The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain conveys fraternal greetings to the Syrian Communist Party's 90th anniversary.


Imperialist aggressiveness and violence do not stop, even more so since the outbreak of the capitalist crisis that, with the elevation of the exploitation conditions of the working class and military aggressions against the people, is trying to maintain its world hegemony.



Imperialism, trying to lay the foundations for a "New Middle East", focuses its attacks in Arab countries and, for the last three years, in the war of imperialist intervention in Syria. There the European and American imperialist powers are financing mercenaries and terrorist religious fanatics, as happened in Afghanistan and other countries, with the aim to break the patriotic resistance of the Syrian people. The war endured by the Syrian people is not a civil war as the bourgeois press quotes, but a war of imperialist aggression.



In Spain, both the bourgeois press and social-democracy and opportunists, supported and cheered the imperialist intervention in Syria and Libya and other countries under the false flag of democratic revolutions. The PCPE has always denounced the imperialist aggression of both the USA and EU, and in this case, shows its internationalist solidarity with the resistance of the Syrian people.



We are aware of the suffering of the Syrian people and we know that the Syrian Communist Party is up to the task and participates actively in the patriotic struggle to defend their people. In other historical processes Syrian Communists have demonstrated to be consistent in their actions when defending their people and their interests.



The Syrian Communist Party also supports the advancement in the international communist coordination, an element that PCPE considers essential to ensure the struggle of the working class and peoples around the world in their advance towards socialism, the only system that guarantees full freedom and rights for the working class.


The PCPE, the Marxist-Leninist party fot he Spanish communists, warmly greets the Syrian CP militancy in its 90th anniversary and conveys strong proletarian internationalist greetings.

Madrid, October 17, 2014.




Dear Comrades of the Lebanese Communist Party:



The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain conveys fraternal communist greetings on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of your Party.



The capitalist crisis increases the aggressiveness of imperialism. In this context of sharpening of violence and imperialist aggressions, all peoples of the world are threatened. Unfortunately, the Arab peoples and the so-called "Middle East" are a prime target for imperialism.



The PCPE, as a party that bases its international activity on proletarian internationalism and the conviction that it is necessary to strengthen the relationships with sister Communist Parties, considers that the Lebanese PC develops a very important daily struggle for the interests of the working class and the working people of Lebanon.



We would like to deepen relations with your Party, for you are one of the undisputed referents by your long and heroic struggle against imperialist aggression and for the liberation of your country, together with your support to the Palestinian people.



Since your struggle against French imperialism to the struggle against the Zionist aggression in your own country, the Lebanese Communist Party has led the defense of the people's interests in Lebanon and has strongly defended the anti-imperialist and internationalist positions. You are an example of struggle and dignity for the working class of your country and the world.


The so-called "New Middle East" is nothing else but a reconfiguration of the new imperialist objectives in the region, seeking the control of the area; first through a mercenary attack and then by imposing puppet governments to defend imperialist interests.


The PCPE reiterates its fraternal communist greetings to the people of Lebanon and its Communist Party and wish you every success in the future tasks and struggles.

Madrid, October 18, 2014





Ástor García


Head of the International Area


Central Committee of the PCPE



Wednesday, 22 October 2014 02:00

Solidarity with the CP of Venezuela

Written by


The PCPE would like to express to the comrades of the fraternal Communist Party of Venezuela our deepest solidarity in face of the attack that took place on October 21st against the party offices in Artigas, Caracas.


This terrorist attack, from which fortunately there are not victims, is an expression of the unstable situation that the Caribbean country is living. This situation is caused by the forces opposed to the government of Nicolás Madrudo, forces who do not hesitate in using all kind of measures to slow down and demoralize the popular movement and the political organizations, such as PCV, who are committed to the Bolivarian process




PCPE conveys all militants from PCV our most fraternal greetings, we reiterate our support to the militant tasks developed by the Venezuelan communists for the deepening and advance of the current Bolivarian process and we express our support to the demands on the immediate investigation and determination of responsibilities in face of this attack.




Long live the Communist Party of Venezuela!


No pasarán!


Madrid, October 22nd, 2014


International Area of the Central Committee of the PCPE


Direct information on the terrorist attack against the CP of Venezuela offices in Artigas:



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