No to a second transition!

Workers' power and socialist republic!


The institutional crisis affecting the capitalist system in Spain has put the ruling classes in face of the need to take the initiative of making changes to the structure of the bourgeois state in order to try to contain the destabilizing effects of the crisis and to drive the situation to a new stability so the exploitation of the working class and popular sectors can continue.

The abdication of the King is nothing but an attempt to change something so that everything remains the same. The workers' struggle has to prevent this!


It is intended to articulate a Second Transition that, just like the first one, would create a new framework of domination in which the ruling class guarantees its privileged position, its parasitic wealth accumulation and the impoverishment of the working class and popular sectors.

What threatens the stability of the ruling classes is the struggle of themos determined working class. Thus the workers' struggle, more determined in this moment, will open the way to a first step in the accumulation of forces to advance towards the Workers' Power and the Socialist Republic of Confederal character, which would also address the free exercise of the right of self-determination.


Organizing the workers and popular masses, on the offensive, in a Workers' and People's Front for Socialism is the way to build a broad alliance of the working class and other sections of the people. This is the proposal of PCPE and CJC to the working class and the peoples and nations of Spain.


The PCPE and CJC call their members and supporters to participate in all demonstrations taking place throughout the day.




Madrid, June 2nd, 2014

The EC of PCPE and the PB of CJC inform:

 1)    On March 22nd, the PCPE and CJC participated in different demonstrations, one of them in Madrid, that took place that day as the final activity of the so-called "Marches of dignity".

 2)    A large and organized gropu of militants of our two organizations participated in the demonstration in Madrid. There are many pictures which can be seen in many digital media. There were no incidents during our participation in the demonstration.

 3)    After the participation of PCPE and CJC in the demonstration ended, the young CJC militant Iñaki, which was delayed from the group, suffered the brutal impact of a rubber ball thrown in his face by police from close range, without warning of any kind. He was treated by emergency medical services and was diagnosed with multiple fractures in his right cheekbone, jaw thrust and eye injuries, being at that moment impossible to specify the degree of the eye injury in a definitive way.

 4)    In the last days, the medical services have been diagnosed that the eye injury will leave Iñaki   with a degree of low vision on that side, less than ten percent.

In view of these facts the EC of PCPE and the PB of CJC DECLARE:

 1)    The brutal assault by police against Iñaki responds to an arbitrary, brutal and intimidating action of the police forces against people demonstrating peacefully, exercising their rights. The existence of other people who also suffered significant physical damage as a result of police action, shows that this was not a fluke, but the result of a deliberate and widespread police action against a peaceful demonstration.

 2)    The use of certain repressive resources by the police - rubber balls thrown at protesters and a short distance up the face, in this case – are a threat for the safety of those who exercise their rights to assembly and demonstration in the streets. Using these extreme resources responds to a government's willingness to terrorize the population and try to avoid the growing social and political mobilization against the management policies of the capitalist crisis.

 3)    The PCPE and CJC will demand by all means the depuration of the responsibilities of those who gave the orders and those who executed them. Both the Government Delegate in Madrid, the police officers, and those agents who fired their weapons.

 4)    The ultimate responsibility for this violent police action is from the Government of Mariano Rajoy, and his Interior Minister, who use a violent policy of repression against the working class that fights against their unfair and anti-social policies. This repression is also performed without limits against those involved in picketing and in labour strikes, sometimes proposing long prison sentences, as in the case of Airbus workers.

 5)    The PCPE and CJC demand an immediate ban on these repressive measures, which are being used in recent times in an increasingly more frequent and aggressive way by the police and put at serious risk the safety and lives of people in the streets.

 6)    The PCPE and CJC will continue to fight against the policies of this government, organizing the working class with the goal of the political change of the system, for workers' power and the socialist revolution. No police action, however brutal it can be, will make us abandon our goals of complete political transformation of our country. The organized working class is the force that will unstoppably achieve these goals. The PCPE and CJC will always be in the forefront of working class and popular struggle, we are committed to the victory of the workers on the big monopolies and capitalism.

Madrid, April 1, 2014

Executive Committee of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE)

Political Bureau of the Collectives of Young Communists (CJC)

For Peace! No to NATO!

Ever since it was created, 65 years ago, NATO has been an imperialist political-military bloc, a key element in its strategy of domination and exploitation, and of confrontation with the then USSR and socialist countries.

NATO is responsible for the unending arms race, and the USA and its allies are responsible for over two thirds of the planet's military expenditure.

The USA and NATO countries promote the expansion of their world-wide network of military bases, and seek to extend their zones of influence.

Procliaming its overtly offensive strategic concept, NATO has extended the territorial scope of its actions of interference, aggression and occupation, thereby deepening its role as the armed wing of the big transnational monopolies.

The USA and its NATO allies are responsible for numerous crimes and great destruction, for brutal aggressions – as in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya – and interferences – as those carried out against Syria – or threats – as those against Iran.

The USA, NATO and the European Union – its European pillar – are responsible for the growing militarization of international relations and the promotion of an escalation of tension and war against the sovereignty of peoples and the independence of States, whether in the Middle East, Africa, the Far East or in Latin America.

At the time when 65 years have elapsed since the creation of NATO – in a world situation marked by the crisis of capitalism, by imperialism's  exploitative, anti-democratic and aggressive offensive, by complex processes of realignment of forces on a world level, and by the resistance and struggle of the workers and the peoples –,

·         We demand the dissolution of NATO and support the sovereign right of all peoples to decide to disengage their countries from this aggressive alliance;

·         we reaffirm our opposition to the expansion of NATO, the militarization of the European Union and its militarist and interventionist policies;

·         we demand an end to the arms race, the deployment of the new US and NATO 'anti-missile system' in Europe, nuclear disarmament, the complete destruction of weapons of mass destruction and an end to foreign military bases;

·         we demand the immediate withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan and other countries under imperialist aggression;

·         we reaffirm our solidarity with the peoples that resist imperialism's occupations, aggressions and interferences;

·         we call upon the workers and the peoples of the whole world  to strengthen the struggle for peace, against war and NATO, for the construction of a future of peace, progress and social justice, where each people may freely decide its own future.


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May 1st: general strike, disengagement from the EU. For the workers' power


Years and years of social covenant have led us to an unprecedented step backwards in the living and working conditions of the working class and popular sectors, destroying the collective bargaining and the most basic labour rights, together with historical rights won with the blood of workers, such as education and public health.

The position of the trade union leaderships, aimed to agreeing with the employers and the monopolies to avoid "the worst evil" is a deception and leads to the destruction of the living conditions of the working class, since it comes from the idea that we all have to "pitch in" to overcome the "crisis". The reality is that the capitalist crisis is suffered by the working class and the popular sectors. In a society divided into classes, where there are exploiters and exploited, the only guarantee to safeguard our rights is the unity and struggle of the entire working class. The covenants that guarantee social peace only guarantee their profits to a parasitic capitalist class living from the labour of the working class. Those who produce everything need nothing from those who  pocket the work of others.

The working class needs to organize, to create structures where the main thing is the unity of the entire working class in the base, regardless of which trade union each one is affiliated. These unit structures, with a clear position of defending the interests of the working class, are the Committees for the Workers Unity. The PCPE and CJC make a calling to the whole working in order to create these committees in each company, sector and working class region.

One of the main tasks of the most aware workers is to unify the different existing struggles in a great general strike as the point from which to begin a cycle of strong protests against the anti-workers' plans of capital.

The different governments have brought us to this miserable situation, as the colour of the party at the front of the bourgeois government does not matter at all. Labour reforms, increases in indirect taxes on basic consumer goods, wars of imperialist plunder or repression against working people are a common denominator in all of them.

The European Union is the structure of the European monopolies from which most of these measures against the working people are imposed. It is not a “neutral” structure whose policies can be turned into something more “social”, as some “left” parties  say. The EU is a union of monopolies and about it we can only demand that our country immediately leaves it, together with NATO, its imperialist military structure, in order to begin to build a system according to the interests of the working class, socialism – communism.

Today there is no possibility of confusion, the goal is clear: to unite the working class, to raise the economic struggle to political struggle against the monopolies, their state and their imperialist unions, building the workers' and people's front able to unite all struggles in a single strategic struggle to break with the dictatorship of the monopolies, with their imperialist structures and the parasitic system of exploitation.

Only the determined struggle of the working class, with its Communist Party at the forefront, may throw into the dustbin of history the criminal system of capitalist production. The same working class carries within itself a new man and woman, in a society without exploitation and where development is full for all mankind.





The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE), aware of the sad events that took place on May 2nd in the city of Odessa, expresses its strongest condemnation to the infamous attack staged by the Nazi-fascist squads and conveys its heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the more than forty martyrs of the House of Unions of Odessa, many of them communist militants and members of popular organizations.


We denounce that the criminal Junta that now governs Ukraine, under the protection of European and US monopolies, conducts a brutal campaign of harassment against the popular organizations in the country, making use of the Armed Forces and the National Guard militia formed by members of fascist squads represented by the organizations "Pravi Sektor" and "Svoboda". Proof of this is the new slaughter in Odessa, but also the harsh repression in cities like Slaviansk, Donbass or Kharkov, where the heroic popular resistance has slowed the offensive of the forces from Kiev, who intends to subject the whole country under the yoke of the reactionary and predatory European imperialist alliance and the U.S., regardless of the number of victims being necessary.


Furthermore, we note the role played by all those who welcomed the movement emerged in the Maidan square as a democratic and popular revolt, who obviated the imperialist interests operating in that movement and which have resulted in the rise of fascism and the murders now occurring.


The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE) calls upon the exercise of the broadest solidarity with the working people of Ukraine and especially with the Ukrainian communists. The consistent struggle against the Nazi-fascist threat can only be achieved in view of the revolutionary rupture with the capitalism that generates it and the imperialist powers and alliances that promote and sustain it.

Fascism will not pass!

Madrid, May 5, 2014

International Area of the Central Committee of PCPE

The Central Committee of the PCPE recently approved the party's participation in European elections next May 25 and the electoral list headed by Carmelo Suárez, Secretary General of PCPE and Marina Quintillán, Executive Committee member and head of the Labour and Trade Union  Movement of the Central Committee.

The PCPE participates in these European elections in order to denounce the disastrous consequences for the working class and popular sectors of our country due to the participation in the imperialist alliance of states that is the European Union.

The presence of PCPE in this election will be directed to continue the work done in recent months with the political campaign “For the way out of the the EU, the Euro and NATO”, using every possible space to spread the need to organize the struggle against these tools that exist solely for the benefit of big capital.

The inability of capitalism to solve the problems of society is evident. The workers and small traders or small farmers are suffering the harshest consequences of the capitalist crisis. While unemployment and the continued loss of democratic, social and trade union rights are tormenting the social majority of the country, the European institutions, in partnership with successive Spanish governments, legislate and act on behalf of major employers and the bankers for the benefit of monopoly capital.

In this situation it is necessary to be as clear as possible. The European Union is not reformable for the benefit of the working class and popular sectors, it is not enough to give more power to the European Parliament or change the structure of the European Central Bank. A full and complete alternative to capitalism is necessary. The nature and laws of development of capitalism imply the exploitation of workers. Capitalism needs the misery of the working class for its own survival and raising a less agressive capitalism does not help to avoid that. The only alternative is to propose an economic and social model that puts an end to capitalist exploitation : socialism – communism.

The firm and clear commitment of PCPE for the way out of Spain of the European Union and the Euro is necessarily framed in these coordinates. The PCPE does not propose to go back to the  peseta nor a capitalist Spain outside the EU, the PCPE proposes the goal of the construction of a Socialist Republic that relates to the other peoples of Europe and the world under the principles of peace, solidarity, cooperation and mutual benefit, not through looting, plundering and exploitation. Therefore, the programme of PCPE does not makes promises, but it articulates the major axes around which have to be gathered the various partial struggles that express today the disatisfaction of the working class and popular sectors with the capitalist system.

This programme for struggle is accompanied by a list for struggle. The members of the electoral list of PCPE are revolutionary militants, people who, by being included in the list, are committed to bring the communist proposal to the workplaces, neighborhoods and towns, with the goal of advancing in the organization of the popular response to the constant attacks of capitalist institutions .

The PCPE will not be alone in this election . The other 28 organizations and parties that are part of the Communist European Initiative will take advantage of this campaign to achieve the same objectives with a clearly class-oriented approach, for struggle and with revolutionary orientation.

The Executive Committee of PCPE, in face of the results of the European Elections of May 25, 2014, DECLARES:


  • ·         The overall results of these elections in Europe reveal disturbing trends which express that the capitalist crisis is leading to the rise of extreme right-wing, racist and xenophobic political organizations. The role played by the EU in the recent events in Ukraine is consistent with this trend. In general, the elections are won by the more conservative expressions of the interests of European imperialism, displacing the Social-democracy from the management of political representation in this situation. This has a direct relationship with the ideological disarmament of the working class, the influence of opportunism among its ranks and the lack of a clear and strong expression of the International Communist Movement.
  • ·         In Spain, the results of this process of election of the political representation show the impact of the institutional crisis affecting various state apparatuses: the party syste, corruption, territorial unity, the autonomic system, etc. Therefore, for the first time in the last thirty-five years, the PP-PSOE block loses electoral representation in a clear way (more than five million votes).
  • ·         With these predictable changes in the electoral outcome, the system continues validating itself through a variety of political forces, some of them recently created, none of which questions the system of capitalist domination, nor does it address the issue of EU in the frame of the struggle against imperialism. So, with a variety of stratagems, the  bourgeois-democratic system is useful for the ruling classes, leading to dry dock the votes that try to express popular discontent in the current capitalist crisis situation that violently punishes the working class and other popular strata. Neither United Left nor Podemos, nor any of the other forces have the ability nor the will to snatch the hegemony of the current ruling class in favour of the working class. Ultimately, the system is legitimized by the current electoral process.
  • ·         The institutional crisis is particularly clearly expressed in the results of nationalist-independentist sectors who, in this situation of weak central state apparatus, get very high electoral support in the Basque Country, Navarre and Catalonia, which give them a more favourable position for their political principles.
  • ·         The PCPE, despite almost doubling our vote, still obtains limited results which express specific progress, achieved due to revolutionary persistence and militant work. The votes achieved are a new base to continue the strategic goal of raising the workers' struggle for workers' power and socialism and mark our mass-oriented struggle line of work.
  • ·         The inexorable capitalist crisis will continue after these elections, the working class needs to organize their struggle for the Workers' and People's Front for Socialism, in order to create the political conditions and the correlation of forces needed to enable the class to address a higher stage of development of the class struggle in Spain, to advance their own political agenda, to advance in the internal unity of the class and its revolutionary articulation for Workers' Power and Socialism, together with its Communist Party.


Madrid, May 27th, 2014

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