We, the communist and workers parties that sign this joint statement on the eve of Workers’ May Day 2016 want to stress our solidarity to all workers who are struggling against capitalist barbarity through strikes, demonstrations and other forms of resistance. It is obvious that under the conditions of deepening capitalist crisis the political and organizational strength of international proletariat will be one of the key factors in reshaping the world in the near future. With full belief in the success of the struggle of the working class, as communist and workers parties, we salute Workers’ May Day.
We oppose the bourgeois and opportunist theories, the reality is that the working class has not only not disappeared, but is developing, growing, not only quantitatively but qualitatively, as the basic productive force, regardless of the changes which have taken place concerning its structure and composition due to the changes in the productive process caused by technological progress. There are variations and fluctuations in every country in relation to the concentration of the working class, its distribution, in the various sectors, there are different rates concerning the destruction of the intermediate strata, the destruction of small-scale agricultural production, fluctuations in the waves of immigration and other individual factors, which impact on the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the working class. Such factors need to be studied by the communist and workers’ parties, so that they can strengthen their strategy and tactics, contribute to the strengthening of the class unity of the working class, to the social alliance with the popular strata. The changes which are taking place substantiate without any doubt the conclusion that the working class is the motor force of social development and that its historic mission is the abolition of private ownership of the means of production, classes and the exploitation of man by man. There is no other social force which can fulfil this role.
The reality today of the deep capitalist economic crisis, which has manifested itself in a synchronised way in many capitalist countries demonstrates once again that capitalism finds itself in the highest, final and parasitic imperialist stage of its development, tortures millions of workers all across the world, gives birth to poverty and unemployment, suffers from incurable contradictions which are manifested in the cyclical crises as well as the in the wars for the expansion of the business activity of the monopolies, the division of the markets, the control of the sources of wealth.
The crisis of capitalism demonstrates the historical limits of this socio-economic system while the working class, which does not have the means of production at its disposal, is the “grave-digger” of the capitalist mode of production. This historic revolutionary role of the working class has its precondition that it will be organised as a class for itself.
The working class cannot have success with line of “social consensus”, and social “peace”, as is claimed by reformist and opportunist forces. The many years of negative experience demonstrate that this line led to the assimilation of large sections of the trade union movement, with social democracy and opportunist forces having the main responsibility for this. Today it is a necessity for capitalism to overturn even the most basic gains which were won in previous decades as a result of the class struggle at a national and international level.
The struggle of the working class for the prevention of the anti-people measures, for economic and social demands and gains in conditions of capitalism is effectively connected to the struggle for the socialist-communist society.
The elaboration of economic, social and political demands, based on the contemporary needs of the people and working class, with the goal of rallying, concentrating and preparing working class forces for tough confrontations with the exploitative system, is not limited to the acquisition of some gains, but is linked to the goal for the overthrow of capitalist barbarity. The working class produces the wealth and must claim it in the struggle for its own power.
Long Live Workers’ May Day!
Long Live internationalist solidarity, proletarian internationalism!
“Workers of all countries, Unite!”
Hungarian Workers Party
Socialist Party of Latvia
CP of Mexico
Communist and Workers Party of Russia
CP of Peoples of Spain
Communist Party, Turkey
Union of Communists of Ukraine
CP of Venezuela

We are honoring the struggles of the working class and the workers of the world.

As Communist Parties, we consider this day not as a holiday, not as a simple annual event, but as an international day of proletarian solidarity and struggle of the working class and all workers.

As communist women and men, we are proud of our ideology, our values and ideals, our struggle for social progress, for the rights of peoples, for the liberation of humanity and its emancipation from the yoke of capitalism.

In our days, the working class and the laboring masses all over the world are direct witnesses and first victims of the consequences of the deep economic and social crisis of the capitalist system, which principally hits them and also other people's strata.
Capitalism leads to the worsening of working conditions, wage cuts, unemployment, insecurity and poverty on the rise and the intensification of measures of repression against class resistance and is responsible for imperialist wars and military interventions, presented under false and deceptive pronouncements, for control of markets and raw materials and chiefly the energy resources.

This fact is even more evident today. The imperialist war and aggression generate bloodshed and poverty, from which enormous numbers of migrants are attempting to flee.

The Communists play the leading role in the struggle against imperialist wars and defend the principle of internationalist struggle, work for the unity of the working class, regardless of their nationality and religion, and for the common struggle concerning labour and social rights.

On May 1st, the Communists call the working class, the workers to strengthen their mass mobilizations and intensify the class struggle, against capital, its political representatives and the anti-people political line against NATO and the EU and the other imperialist unions.

The Communists strongly reaffirm the vanguard role of the working class as the creator of all wealth, and we stress the social and historical necessity to overturn capitalism via a revolution and build a social system, where the wealth belongs to those who produce it, and the political power belongs to the great majority of the people: the working class and its allies.

We state openly and firmly, that our goal is a society with no exploitation of man by man, no imperialist wars, no hunger, no unemployment, nor poverty.

We are fighting for a society, based on the workers' power, the socialization of the means of production, the scientific centralized planning and the real and substantial democracy for the working masses, a society that will satisfy the contemporary needs of the people.

We express our internationalist solidarity to the workers in struggle, wherever they are fighting for their rights and their future.

Long live the workers' May 1st!

Workers of the world, unite!

We must confront the exploitative system, which gives rises to

wars, refugees, immigration and poverty. Solidarity now with the refugees and immigrants!

We, the communist and workers parties, that sign this text:

We denounce the imperialist aggressiveness, the interventions and wars, the USA, NATO and the EU and their "allies", like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The criminal activity of these powers has caused millions of people to become refugees and immigrants.

All the bourgeois governments which have been participating all these years with armies, providing every kind of assistance and reproducing all the pretexts used to justify the unleashing of these imperialist interventions also bear serious responsibilities.

We denounce the EU and the bourgeois governments that follow a line of police-military repression of the refugees, who are trying to escape war, destitution and the human trafficking networks.

WE CALL for the reinforcement of class unity and popular solidarity with the peoples that are the victims of imperialist interventions and capitalist exploitation.

WE CALL on the peoples to intensify the struggle against the causes that uproot millions of people from their homes and at the same time to stand shoulder to shoulder with the immigrants and refugees, who are experiencing difficult inhuman conditions. The peoples must demand that their governments take the necessary measures to receive and shelter the immigrants and refugees in a decent way, and also must demand the abolition of the repressive mechanisms of the EU including the Dublin III Regulations.

The Communist and Workers Parties fight against the attempts of the bourgeois class and the bourgeois governments to utilize the immigration-refugee problem as a means to abolish labour rights and to intensify the exploitation of refugees and immigrants, of the working class as a whole, in the destination countries.

In the interests of the workers we must unite our strength and intensify the struggle against the USA, NATO, EU, the imperialist interventions and wars, against every attempt by the imperialists to manipulate the peoples. We must organize and come into conflict with the exploitative system that gives rise to wars, refugees, immigration and poverty. So that the conditions can be created that will allow the refugees and immigrants to return to their homelands, with the peoples in charge of their own destiny.

SolidNet List Parties

  1. CP of Albania
  2. PADS
  3. CP of Australia
  4. CP of Bangladesh
  5. CP of Canada
  6. AKEL
  7. CP in Denmark
  8. CP of Denmark
  9. CP of Finland
  10. German CP
  11. CP of Greece
  12. People’s Progressive Party of Guyana
  13. CP of Ireland
  14. Workers’ Party of Ireland
  15. CP of Malta
  16. CP of Mexico
  17. Popular Socialist Party of Mexico
  18. CP of Norway
  19. CP of Pakistan
  20. Palestinian CP
  21. Philippines CP [PKP-1930]
  22. Russian CWP
  23. CP of the Soviet Union
  24. CP of the Russian Federation
  25. NCP of Yugoslavia
  26. Party of the Communists of Serbia
  27. CP of Slovakia
  28. CP of the Peoples of Spain
  29. CP of Sweden
  30. Syrian CP
  31. CP of Tadjikistan
  32. CP, Turkey
  33. CP of Ukraine

Other Parties

  1. CP of the Workers of Belarus
  2. Union of Communists in Bulgaria


International Women's Day

Statement of the Secretariat of the European Communist Initiative


March 8 2016


The European Communist Initiative sends warm militant greetings on International Women’s Day to all the women workers, unemployed, dismissed workers, pensioners, self-employed, farmers, young women especially from the poor popular strata who are studying and are at the same time working in many instances, the women with disabilities and the mothers of children with disabilities. It particularly expresses its full solidarity with the sorely tested women refugees and immigrants and with all the refugee mothers.


International Women’s Day has its historical roots in the strikes of the women seamstresses of New York, the bloodstained struggles of the women from the working class and popular strata. Today it signals the need to reinforce the struggle of women for the abolition of women’s inequality, as well as of the capitalist system that creates and nourishes it.

Gender inequality is inherent in capitalist society. It is experienced by women of all ages, particularly of the working class and other poor popular strata. This inequality is not just reflected itself in terms of the level of salaries, health, welfare, and education and free and public access to them. The political line of the EU and its governments and the harsh anti-worker measures strike the women of the working class and popular strata.

The deepening crisis of capitalism exacerbates women’s exploitation and inequality. In this context it is important to not forget the double oppression of, predominantly, women, who apart from being exploited on the capitalist labor market, also face the burden of  household labor, under the banners of the compulsions of the capitalist system , ”tradition”, anachronistic views.


Moreover, the offensive against women's rights is conducted not only by forces of reaction, but also by so called liberal ”progressives” liberal forces, which divert women away from participating in the class struggle. They focus on issues to do with men’s attitudes towards women and exonerate the unequal class society. They seek to impede the participation of women in the struggle against the basic causes of their torments.


The aim of the bourgeois classes and their imperialist organizations like the EU is particularly dangerous i.e. their aim for the imperialist wars to be promoted as “wars of charity” to supposedly ”improve conditions of the people and women”, for example in Syria, Afghanistan, while in reality affecting women and the peoples  in the worst ways possible. And they create flows of refugees who are being persecuted by capitalist barbarity itself and the imperialist interventions of the USA, EU and NATO all over the world.


The European Communist Initiative and the CPs that participate in it in each country will continue to intensify their struggle for all the contemporary rights of women of the working class and popular strata, for women’s emancipation which is inextricably linked to the struggle against women’s inequality and capitalist exploitation that gives rise to it.

The emancipation of women cannot be achieved without a firm struggle against capitalism.
No women's struggle without class struggle – no class struggle without women´s struggle.

While imperialism is planning wars, the working class and people are mourning their dead.

The Secretariat of the Initiative of Communist and Workers Parties of Europe expresses its sincerest condolences with the families of the victims and its complete solidarity with the French people in relation to the deadly attacks in Paris.

The “Islamic State”, which assumed responsibility for the murderous attack, is a monstrous creation of the imperialist powers, the USA and its allies, like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar etc. It was born after the imperialist war and occupation of Iraq and “came of age” with the imperialist intervention of these powers in Libya and especially in Syria. It is now very well-known who these killers are protected, armed and supported by.

Today there is a real danger that the criminal attack in Paris will be used to manipulate the consciousness of the working class and popular strata, to push them into supporting actions that are contrary to the people’s interests: on the one hand for the increase repression, police-state measures, racism, xenophobia in Europe and the further growth of religious fundamentalism, restricting rights and liberties, and on the other hand for the reinforcement of the open imperialist intervention in the war in Syria with the aim of safeguarding the profits of the capitalists.

While imperialism is conducting and planning wars, the working class and people are mourning their dead.

Our peoples have experience, as has also been demonstrated in the past, as to how such acts are utilized in order to unleash new imperialist interventions and must look for those really responsible for these attacks, who are as guilty as their “execution squads”. Only in this way can the people organize their struggle effectively against the imperialist wars and interventions, which are being planned by NATO, the USA and the EU in the framework of the more general inter-imperialist contradictions.




An education system reflects the dominant ideology of the society in which it is based. It reflects the values of the dominant class.  Across Europe the class based education system remains a tool in the maintenance of an exploitative society while the parameters of the education system are dictated by the monopolies which have the power in their hands. Their main aim is to teach the children of the working class at all education levels to submit to their exploiters.


This system is inherently reproducing discrimination on a class basis, being designed to maintain and reinforce this.

Education is increasingly commodified and provided for those who can afford to pay; it is increasingly handed over to sponsors while the monopolies’ executives undertake activities that even include “teaching” school and university students. There exists a huge discrepancy determined by class between schools in relation to pupil background, the manner and extent of resourcing, facilities available, and the academic progress of students.


The anti-people policies of the governments and the EU with the constantly reducing state support and the enormous shortages in books, the lack of accommodation, canteens and transport intensify class barriers, and force the people’s families to resort to loans, placing an unbearable burden on their shoulders.


The content of education is becoming increasingly reactionary, with school and university books that contain anti-scientific ideological constructs, isolated fragments of knowledge and scattered pieces of information. This results in the fragmentation of the young persons’ thought and development. All kinds of historical distortions are taught that attack the activity of the labour and people’s movement.  Anti-communism and slanders against socialism are being regurgitated in education at all levels. Children are being subjected to the EU’s propaganda from a tender age. They are being inculcated with the poison of competiveness, profit, entrepreneurship and class collaboration so that these become the criteria for their thinking. Research at universities has been handed over to the monopolies in order to serve their profitability.


Increasingly, school students from the working class and the poor popular strata are forced to leave school and students are taking poorly-paid work with working hours that disrupt their studies. At the same time, flexible working arrangements and dismissals are imposed in schools and universities.


Education should be comprehensive and universal, with an enhanced content and free for all, including migrant students, asylum seekers and students with special needs, from pre-school through to and including post-graduate studies, with all educational requirements, including books and IT equipment, provided free at all education levels. This also means the
abolition of all business activity in education.
All shortages in educational personnel must be immediately addressed. All graduates must have full rights.


We call on the peoples throughout Europe to strengthen their struggle for the right of their children to comprehensive and enhanced education, against the political line of the bourgeois governments and the EU, against imperialism, big capital, and the monopolies.






A delegation of PCPE participated in the 17th IMCWP, held in Istanbul. Below the text of the contribution presented by comrade Ástor García, head of the International Area of the Central Committee.


Dear comrades of the Communist Party, Turkey,


Dear Comrades:


On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain I would like to convey fraternal internationalist greetings to all the fraternal parties present here. We also send our warmest greetings and our best wishes for success in the struggles they carry out to those parties who have not been able to come to Istanbul.

The topic of this 17th International Meeting obliges us to reflect on the tasks of the Communist and Workers' Parties to strengthen the struggle of the working class in all areas. For our Party, this is a very suitable occasion to express our opinions on the matters that we consider essential within the International Communist Movement.


As you surely know, very important general elections will be held in less than two months in Spain. Our Party is preparing the work to be developed in this campaign with a fundamental objective: to increase the influence of PCPE among the working masses to raise the level of revolutionary consciousness and thus promote the maturation of the revolutionary subjective factor in our country.


As we have expressed in numerous documents, we believe that the objective conditions for the revolutionary transition to socialism already exist in Spain. The wealth produced by the Spanish working class, with a centrally planned economy, would fully meet the needs of the entire population. But the subjective factor is not mature enough: there is not yet a revolutionary consciousness developed among the masses.


Although the working class and popular sectors of Spain have been able to live and experience, in the recent years, what the limits of the capitalist system are, for two years we have been witnessing a campaign aimed at promoting new political parties which are “refreshment parties”, parties that can replace the Social Democrats or the Conservatives who have managed the capitalist crisis and have been managing Spanish capitalism in the last 30 years.


This operation, conducted from mass-media linked to sectors of the oligarchy, is just another step in the diversion that began in May 2011 with the movement of the squares, the “indignados”. It aims to keep the working class and the popular sectors within the framework of capitalist management, relying on hypothetical reforms that will not solve the fundamental problem of every capitalist society: the contradiction between capital and labour.


The only alternative, comrades, comes through the strengthening of the Communist Party and the development of a policy that, trying to widen the alliances of the working class, is mainly directed towards the working class. Respecting the political positions of social sectors who are near the working class, but never getting behind those alien political positions. To achieve that goal, it is essential that the Communist Party is present in the workplaces, there where the contradiction between capital and labour is clearly seen.


Without an organized presence of the communists in the workplaces there is no possible strengthening of the communist project and the conquest of political power will remain distant.


Therefore, in our 10th Congress, to be held in June 2016, the PCPE will very seriously discuss how we should take steps to be stronger within the labour and trade union movement, how can we build our organization in the workplaces, while our youth strengthens in the student movement and the youth movement in general. As comrade Pedro Checa, secretary of organization of the Communist Party during our National Revolutionary War, the strength of the Party is found in the factories, that is where the Party branch must work, following Lenin's words when he noted that "the main strength of the movement lies in the organisation of the workers at the large factories, for the large factories (and mills) contain not only the predominant part of the working class, as regards numbers, but even more as regards influence, development, and fighting capacity”. That is the path we have to follow in order to strengthen Communist and Workers' Parties, complementing it with a restless struggle against the influence of the bourgeois ideology within the working masses.


Overall, the communist work should be complemented by an accurate assessment of the international situation and the effects that this situation has on the work of the Communist and Workers' Parties.

The depletion of the socio-historical capitalist formation is evident. Monopoly capitalism, imperialism, is a system that needs to destroy productive forces in order to survive as a system. It needs to destroy the living and working conditions of the working class, thus leading millions of workers to a situation of wage slavery.


Imperialism is socializing labour to incredible limits. Monopolies of any country are closer than ever to be able to exploit the working class of any country or, put another way, the whole working class of the world can be exploited by the capitalists of all countries. Therefore internationalism is today one of the key elements in the work of the communists, raising the economic struggle of the class to political struggle, which means a general conception of the processes of capitalist exploitation at a world level.


The contradictions between the major capitalist powers have exponentially sharpened and this creates a very high level of unstability and great dangers for the world's working class. This sharpening is an accelerated phenomenon since the triumph of the counterrevolution in the Soviet Union and the European socialist bloc.

Scarcity of resources, compounded by the anarchy in production reigning in capitalism, the growing importance of their transportation routes and the need for markets, all of them are factors that multiply the clashes between monopoly groups and their political-military structures. This brings closer the danger that any spark triggers a contend of big dimensions.

The war is intrinsic to capitalist development in the present imperialist stage and it is necessary to maintain the rate of profit of the monopolies. The war is a tool of imperialism and therefore the struggle against imperialist war should be one of the main areas of work of the Communist and Workers' Parties, on the basis that the struggle against imperialist war is inseparable from the struggle against the system that generates it.


Currently, we see how the war has torn countries such as Syria, Libya and Iraq; we also see how the Palestinian people are suffering; periodically we witness the agressions against the Lebanese and the attacks against the progressive sectors in Turkey. To all these peoples we express our deepest international solidarity.


Comrades, in the framework of the sharpening inter-imperialist conflicts, the communists have the obligation of not falling in the trap of favouring one or the other imperialism. We have to tirelessly fight against the imperialist powers and structures in which our countries participate. In the case of Spain, it is very clear that it is the EU and NATO, mainly. But we also consider it necessary to firmly address the debate on the role of the different powers in the current global scenario and fight against theories such the one of the multi-polarity. Those theories ignore the Leninist analysis on the state and imperialism.


Assuming that, in face of every aggression, our actions must always be marked by denouncing the aggressive power, we should never confuse with the consequent anti-imperialist discourse and positions the opposition of other powers, being it cyclical or sustained over time, to the specific maneuvers of one imperialist power. A confusion of this magnitude would lead to the working class and the peoples of the world to new undesirable situations ini which they would become cannon fodder for the greater glory of the respective capitalists.


We formally request the participants in this International Meeting that, in future editions, some issues such as the characterization of imperialism and the imperialist state alliances are systematically addressed. For us this is a central issue in the development of a joint strategy in the International Communist Movement.

Comrades, we hope that the works in this meeting will be fruitful and that our discussions here will help the development of all Communist and Workers' Parties in their struggles.

Thank you very much for the attention.







Given the closeness of October 12, the Central Committee of PCPE states:


1)There is no reason to celebrate on a date when the first expedition of Spanish vessels reached the coast of America and immediately led to the looting and plundering of the resources of those lands and the genocide of millions of people.


2)The Spanish imperial past, a result of a particular historical epoch, had in America unfortunate episodes of subjugation, plunder and mass murder reminiscent of the scenes that we contemplate today in many countries.


3)In the fifteenth century, under a nascent capitalism, attacks against the people and the dispossession of the wealth of their land for the benefit of a foreign power helped the primitive accumulation of capital. In the 21
stcentury, when capitalism is not still dead, assaults and looting are a particular characteristic, along with many others, of a dying and decaying imperialism, of a system that devours itself to survive.




4)We believe that all the celebrations that can be done in the coming days around the date of October 12 are intended to offer an image of current Spain that is far from reality. In these celebrations there will be no words about the more than 4 million people unemployed in our country, or the millions more who survive on poverty wages. Surely there will be no words about the forced emigration of tens of thousands of young workers who lack a decent future in our country and are forced to look for it elsewhere. There will be no words about the participation of Spain in the EU and NATO military operations of looting in countries like Somalia, Mali and Central African Republic, or the use of Spanish military bases as key points in the transport of the aggressor troops to countries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.




5)Under the current conditions, the Spanish governments have nothing to offer to the workers, and they event become enemies of a good part of humanity when tolerating and encouraging the military interferences in other countries, and when benefitting from the looting of their natural resources and the savage exploitation of their population.




6)We appeal to the working class and the popular sectors, and especially the tens of thousands of Spanish workers who are in other countries, to transform next October 12 in a day of struggle for their rights, to refuse the official discourse of the recovery from the crisis and strongly denounce the aggressive and interventionist character of Spanish capitalism and its puppet governments.




The communists aspire to build a different country, where the interests of the working majority are those that rule the economic and social life and where no one lacks the resources to meet their needs, for which it is necessary to overthrow the current bourgeois power and the construction of workers' and people's power, the construction of socialism.




We aspire to build a sovereign and peace-loving country that abandons the imperialist structures of looting and plundering and initates its own course on an equal footing with all other peoples of the world, in which international relations are based on mutual support and cooperation and not on aggression and war.




We aspire to live in a Socialist country in which the national question, used by the class enemy to put the working people behind it, is finally resolved in terms of workers' unity and struggle against the exploiters.


In short, we aspire to have a new country, a different country because, for the first time, it will be the social majority, the working and people's majority, who will have taken in their hands the course of their own lives.






Madrid, October 4, 2015





In face of the beginning of the manoeuvres "Trident Juncture 2015," the Central Committee of PCPE wants to express its outright rejection to them and its total opposition to Spain's involvement in that terrorist and murderous alliance that is NATO.


These manoeuvres are not just another step in the already constant presence of NATO in Spain. Above all, they are intended to be a new show of force by NATO at a time when competition and rivalries between imperialist powers are sharpening, thus generating new and grave dangers for the peoples around the world. The multiplication of military manoeuvres of different powers and at different levels is a source of constant concern for an internationalist organization like the PCPE.


The government of Mariano Rajoy, without altering the course maintained by successive governments of capital in our country, is firmly committed to increasing the involvement of Spain in NATO structures. This results in an increased presence of foreign troops in our country, the expanding of the use of military bases and that Spain will become a strategic base for control of the Mediterranean and North Africa by NATO, the EU and the USA.


The Spanish territory is intended to be used as a base for future interventions and interferences in African or Middle East, and this for the interest and benefit of the large monopoly groups in the European Union and the United States. NATO is their armed wing to defend and promote their interests, which are in conflict with those of workers and peoples, through violence, war and destruction of the countries attacked.


In this scenario, the Central Committee of PCPE wants to denounce that the refugee crisis taking place now in several countries of the European Union and its environment is a direct result of the interventionist actions of the NATO and EU member countries, among others, in countries such as Syria, Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan. While the European governments hypocritically negotiate refugee quotas, they are supporting the destabilization of the refugees' home countries and benefit the monopoly capital with new flows of cheap labour, while seeking to artificially confront the workers from different countries.


We frontally oppose the spending of billions of euros in military exercises or operations aimed against third countries, while their population is condemned to a mass exodus where they risk their lives.


We also oppose the maintenance of high rates of military spending in our country while large sections of the working class and working people suffer the consequences of cutbacks in key sectors such as education, health or social services.


It is necessary to build a strong people's movement against the presence of foreign troops on our territory and the cession of land, sea and air to armies that invade, assassinate, overthrow governments or generate huge migrations.


We want that the demonstrations of next weeks are a success, so we call the militants of PCPE and CJC and the friends of the Party and the Youth to have a massive participation in them, together with the social and trade union organizations in which we work, so the the rejection of military manoeuvres is clearly heard, so as the need for the unilateral withdrawal of Spain from NATO and the other imperialist structures and the closure of all foreign military bases in our country.


It is necessary to recover the mobilization and struggle of the anti-NATO campaign in the 80's. Lessons learnt from the role played by social-democratic and opportunistic organizations then allow us today to take effective steps in the unification of all the people against the policy of looting, destruction, murder and war that imperialist powers promote, especially the EU, NATO and the US, making the struggle against imperialist war a relentless struggle against the system that generates it.


Madrid, October 4, 2015

Central Committee of PCPE


We, the communist and workers parties that sign this statement express our solidarity with the communists of Greece in the face of the difficult electoral battle on the 20th of September.

We call on the workers, the youth, the popular strata of Greece to strengthen the KKE at the ballot box as well. As it is the KKE that militantly defends their rights all these years, against the anti-people policies of the governments, the EU and IMF.

The increase of the KKE’s forces is what guarantees the strengthening and effectiveness of the struggles of the Greek people for the rights of the working class and the popular strata, for the overthrow of capitalist barbarity, for workers’-people’s power.

1.       CP of Albania

2.       CP of Australia

3.       Party of Labour of Austria

4.       CP of Azerbaijan

5.       WP of Bangladesh

6.       Communist Party of the Workers of Belarus

7.       Brazilian CP

8.       CP of Brazil

9.       CP of Britain

10.   NCP of Britain

11.   CP of Bulgaria

12.   Union of Communists in Bulgaria

13.   Party of the Bulgarian Communists

14.   CP of Canada

15.   Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia

16.   CP of Bohemia and Moravia, Czech Republic

17.   CP in Denmark

18.   Pole of Communist Revival in France

19.   CP of Macedonia (FYROM)

20.   UCP of Georgia

21.   German CP (DKP)

22.   Hungarian WP

23.   CP of India

24.   CP of Ireland

25.   WP of Ireland

26.   Tudeh Party, Iran

27.   CP, Italy

28.   Socialist Movement Kazakhstan

29.   Lebanese CP

30.   CP of Luxembourg

31.   CP of Malta

32.   CP of Mexico

33.   Popular Socialist Party - National Political Association , MEXICO

34.   Movement “ Popular Resistance” , Moldova

35.   NCP of the Netherlands

36.   CP of Norway

37.   CP of Pakistan

38.   Palestinian CP

39.   Palestinian People’s Party

40.   Peruan CP

41.   Philippines CP (PKP-1930)

42.   CP of Poland

43.   CP of Puerto Rico

44.   Russian Communist Workers’ Party

45.   CP of the Russian Federation

46.   CP of the Soviet Union

47.   Party of Communists of Serbia

48.   CP of Slovakia  

49.   CP of the Peoples of Spain

50.   CP of Sweden

51.   Syrian CP

52.   CP, Turkey

53.   CP of Ukraine

54.   Union of Communists of Ukraine

55.   Party of the Communists, USA

56.   Network of Communist Clubs, USA

57.   CP of Venezuela


The statement is still open for signatures

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